Sports and Entertainment Marketing Chapter 7

________ is the greatest factor that fuels international competition of sports.
______, _________ and ______ are all important aspects of media marketing.
Radio, Television and the Internet
The competitive world of international sports marketing analyzes facilities, potential government cooperation, and financial resources to determine where events will occur.
Successful sports marketing firms have integrity, a strong sense of ethics, and fair play exhibited over a long period of time.
Most sports fans view team owners as self-seeking businessmen.
Sports marketing firms bring together teams, businesses, and athletes to create the most profitable results.
Advances in __________ and ___________ allow international audiences to see games from all over the world.
communications and transportation
Incentives are gifts or bonuses designed to motivate ______, ______, and _________.
buyers, sellers, and sponsors.
The 2008 Summer Olympics will be hosted by _______.
Beijing, China.
During the 50 years since the end of World War II, the popularity of major and minor sports has dramatically increased.
The Little League World Series is held in _________
Scouts can offer Scouts can offer _______ and ________ to attract new players.
salaries and bonuses
_______ is the world’s most popular sport.
Lance Armstrong is endorsed by ________.
Media marketing focuses on ________, ______, and ________.
radio, television, and the internet.
A successful sports marketer needs solid skills in speaking and writing, the ability to use the Internet efficiently and effectively, and to learn jargon.
The growing popularity of women’s sports has only occurred recently.
gifts or bonuses designed to motivate buyers, sellers, and sponsors
Media Marketing
print, radio, television, and the Internet
Future sports marketers benefit from apprenticeships in media to build skills and terminology for the business
Pro bono
refers to services that a sports marketing firm provides for free
people who travel the world to locate the best athletics in their respective sports for the purpose of enticing the athletics to come to America to play
Turnkey operation
a sports marketing firm that handles everything from initial contacts to the final production of an event

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