Sport Management Key Terms – Chapter 6 &7 UCSB

Historically black colleges and universities
Athletics Director
Assumes oversight of numerous areas within the athletics department. Including finance, facilities, budget, risk management, television contacts, compliance laws,
Executive search firm
An organization that identifies talented administrators for positions such as college chancellors, presidents, athletic administrators and coaches
Athletics Administrator
Assistant Athletic Directors – Supports the athletic director in achieving the overall mission of the department, overseeing departments such as marketing, fundraising, event management, facilities management, or athletics communications
Academic Progress Rate
Measure of how successful athletics programs on individual campuses are ensuring that college athletes make appropriate progress toward their degrees
Licensing Royalty
the earnings paid to the sport property or licensor , by a licensed manufactor in return for the right to produce and sell merchandise bearing a logo or other mark associated with its sport program
refers to the use of outside sport marketing firms to maximize revenue
Ticket operations- process by which tickets are distributed to customers coupled with a high level of customer service
Ticket scalping
selling a ticket for a price in excess of the price printed on the ticket
Senior Women’s administrator
the highest ranking female administered involved in the management of an NCAA institutions intercollegiate athletics department
Federal Graduate Rate
The federal graduation rate therefore indicates the percentage of players who graduated from the school they entered as freshmen. Doesn’t take into account departures from school
League think
The notion that teams must recognize the important of their competition and share revenues to ensure that their competitors remain strong
Luxury Tax
device used to tax teams that spend the most on player payroll
Collective bargaining
process used to negotiate work terms between labor and management. All active league players are in bargaining unit and thus form a collective unit for negotiating with the owners
Free agency
the ability of players after fulfilling an agreed upon number of years of service wit a team to sell their services to another team with limited or no compensation
Salary Cap
Agreements collectively bargained between labor and management that establish a league-wide team payroll threshold that cannot be exceeded in most cases
Local Television Rights/Contracts
agreements between professional teams and local television stations and regional sport networks. These agreements provide teams with additional media revenue beyond what they receive from the contract
the acquisition of rights to affiliate or associate directly with a product or events for the purpose of deriving benefits
Social Media
can be an invaluable tool for driving the popularity of a professional sports team. Owners can play positive role in this.
LED signage
sign that plays animated advertisements every 30 seconds or so located in the middle of the stadium
Virtual signage
digital message that plays on the sport event telecast so that it appears as if though the sign is a part of the playing surface
Chief executive officer – responsible for the day-to date functioning o f the entire organization both on the field and off the field
CMO (Chief marketing officer)
responsible for coordinating the marketing mix among communications, ticket sales, and corporate sponsorship and partnership sales
responsibilities in include designing and writing advertisement copy and securing an placing advertisements in a variety of media
Promotion mix
the field of promotions offers increasing opportunity as organizations focus on providing an optimal experience to spectators
Community relations
responsible for administering grassroots functions such as clinics and other charitable events
Media relations
involved in assisting and working with the media by providing information necessary for game coverage and publicity. Making sure they have everything they need during games is part of the job.
The 10 p’s of marketing
GM ( General Manager)
Typically responsible fore acquiring, devloping, trading, and releasing talent
Graduation Success Rate
Designed to show the proportion of student-athletes on any given team who earn a college degree

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