Sport Management Chapter 14- Sport Sales

Database Marketing
Use of databases that holds information of names, phone numbers, and demographic info. Collect it by tickets, merchandise, surveys, and contests.
A direct selling technique (below the line promotion) that involves using the telephone and telesales teams to sell a product.
Personal selling
face-to-face, in person selling and again usually incorporates the use of the sport organization’s database.
benefit selling
involves the promotion of and creation of new benefits or the promotion and enhancement of existing benefits to offset existing perceptions or assumed negatives related to the sport product or service.
Customer retention activities that take place after a purchase has been made to satisfy previous or current customers
– “The escalator concept”, whereby sport organizations are continually striving to move customers up the escalator from purchasing single-game tickets, to purchasing mini-ticket plans, and then to full season ticket packages.
Educating the customer or sponsor before the sale, after the sale, and involves the sales staff monitoring consumer utilization and satisfaction through regular communication.
Sales Inventory
the products available to the sales staff to market, promote, and sell through a range of sales methodologies.
Advertising Inventory
includes both electronic and print inventory.
Signage Inventory
traditionally been limited to dasher boards. scoreboards, outfield signs, and concourses.
Naming Rights
provide a sport organization the opportunity to sell entitlement of its arena or stadium, practice facility, or the team itself.
Online Inventory
includes banner ads, blogs, instant messaging applications, and pop-up-ads.
Promotions Inventory
ranges from premium giveaway items and on-floor/on-field promotions as well as post-game entertainment such as ever-popular fireworks displays.
Community Programs
offers a wealth of inventory for sport organizations to sell to local organizations. Examples: school assemblies, camps, clinics, banquets, awards, etc.
Miscellaneous Inventory
often fantasy camps, off-season cruises with players, locker room tours, and road trips.

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