Sport Management and Marketing Agencies

What is a sport management/ marketing agencies?
A business that acts on behalf of a sport property
What is a sport property?
person, corporation, event, team, place, or a concept
What were some of the first agencies primarily formed to do?
represent athletes through contract negotiations, and seeking endorsements and other revenue streams
What does IMG stand for?
International Management Group
What did IMG do?
managed Arnold Palmer
first management group representing athletes.
Functions of Agencies (remember at least 8)
Client management and representation
Client marketing and product endorsement and
Event creation and development
Event management and marketing
Property representation and licensing
Television development and production
Negotiation of media contracts
Strategic planning, sponsorship solicitation and
Hospitality management services
Grassroots and participatory programs
Research and evaluation
Financial planning and management
How do agencies vary?
by clientele, and scope of services
Who are the key stakeholder groups for agencies?
– talent
– properties
– corporate brands
-media companies
Full Service Agencies
– full range of services
– perform services in house with own personnel
what are some service full service agencies provide?
– client management, event, creation, tv, development

– sponsorship solicitation, hospitality services

– research and evaluation, financial planning

Example of a full service agency?
octagon, img
General Agencies
– integrated approach to development of client programs
Example of General Agency?
Business components of 16 W
– athletes, coach, and broadcaster marketing and representation

– team and venue services

-corporate consulting and property marketing

– hospitality and event management

Speciality Agencies
specialize in the types of services they provide to its clientele
examples of speciality agencies?
What are some future challenges to the sport marketing / sport agency field?
– in house vs outsourcing

– conflicts of interest

– mergers and acquisitions

-labor unrest

– economic challenges

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