Sport Facility & Event Mgmt – GMU Dr. Lee – Chapter 2

The process of “achieving organizational goals with and through other people within the constraints of limited resources”
Sport Management
the academic discipline that teaches and trains individuals who have a desire to work on the business side of the sport industry
Sport Industry
Multidisciplinary field:
1) Event Management
2) Marketing
3) Facility Management
4) Finance
5) Sales
6) Sociocultural aspects
Name some potential areas to work in sport management
1) Collegiate athletics
2) Professional athletics
3) Interscholastic athletics (high school – elementary)
4) State and national sport governing bodies (USATF)
5) The U.S. Olympic Committee
6) International sport governing bodies (Federation of Football Associations (FIFA)
7) Community and recreational sport organizations (YMCA)
8) Youth Organizations (AYSO)
9) Coaching
10) NCAA (Nat’l Collegiate Athletic Association
“A person whose job entails planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling, to be performed within the context of an organization whose primary or predominant product or service is sport and sport-related”
Sport Manager
5 Primary Functions of the Management Process
1) Planning
2) Organizing
3) Staffing
4) Leading
5) Controlling
When setting goals, what is the SMART Principle
S – specific
M – measurable
A – Attainable
R – realistic
T – timely
Stage of the Management Process in which the manager and upper management staff define where the organization wants to be in the future an to arrive there
Stage of Management Process which involves breaking down the total work that has to be completed into different jobs and creating a plan to coordinate how those jobs will be assigned to individuals and completed
Stage of the Management Process which involves making sure there are enough staff members in the organization to achieve the organizational goals
__________ ______________ ____________ is “essentially about first, finding the right person for the right job at the right time and, second, ensuring an appropriately trained and satisfied workforce”
Human resource management
Another name for the ‘staffing process’ which involves creating a job description to outline the position and the work that will be performed.
Recruitment phase
“Someone who willingly gave unpaid help, in the form of time, service or skills, through an organization or group”
A volunteer
Stage of the Management Process which is using social and informal processes to influence employee’s performance.
__________ may be the most important piece of the Leading process
Describe the “pro and con sandwich” method of controlling
Manager starts by saying something positive, followed by something to improve upon, and finishes with another positive…
The Management Process which involves monitoring employee’s performance and taking action to effect desired results.
What are the 5 Management Styles
1) Democratic
2) Autocratic
3) Persuasive
4) Paternalistic
5) Laissez-Faire
Management through open and participant-centered approach
One person makes the decision for the group or organization
Persuasive management style
Manager is the decision maker and usually does so with limited input from others
This management style in which the manager has overall control and expects directives to be followed when given , but listens to and cares about the employee’s social needs
Which management style is being used when managers tell the employees what to do and gives the freedom go about completing the task.

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