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In this transition. “Spelling Matters” . Mikita Brottman argues that holding spelling mistakes on a sketch. are evidences for instant rejection. A twosome of old ages ago Brottman was on a hiring commission when a campaigner had entered the room with an unordinary sketch. This campaigner had experience and makings for the positon. However Brottman notice she had three spelling mistakes on her sketch. one of which was her major. she thinks that the campaigner is no longer suited for the place. No 1 on the commission took it serious. they thought the campaigner was suited to work. Brottman had argued that if it was her. she would pay close attending to spelling due to the importance of the paper. Subsequently on she had questioned whether person with a PHD deserves leeway when doing such a error. The campaigner ne’er looked bad to others. merely bad to Brottman. Mikita Brottman argues that spelling on a sketch leads to instant rejection on a campaigner.

Disagring to this statement a spelling mistake should non impact someone’s overall self-image. In the transition the commission provinces. “Her experience and makings seemed tailor-made for the station but besides she was a diverseness campaigner. ” This statement proves that she is capable for the place. a few spelling mistakes should non wholly disapprove her for the place. A individual on the commission even stated that it was a simple misprint. To others on the hiring commission spelling was a small issue and that issue would non to the full affect the campaigner. If it is merely one simple mistake that everyone finds all right. shouldn’t that be clear that is non that serious. The words were similar to each other. anyone could hold made that error. That is why I disagree with what Brottman argued in this transition

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