Spanking Can Be a Very Useful Tool

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As a child I received spankings for any of my misbehaviors. Now as a parent myself with a five- year- old son, I understand why my parents did the things they did. My son has had a few spankings in his life. Spanking a child is just fine with me as long as you spank them on their buttocks. Spanking can correct misbehavior and will not harm a child for life. There are a lot of pro’s and con’s to the spanking issue that might have a lot of people confused on this. Spanking is done by giving the child a few swats on the buttocks.

Spanking a child out of anger is not an option. You job is to correct a situation and not make it worse. A child can tell if you spank them in anger or trying to correct their behavior in a calm manner. After you spank a child, let them think of what they did wrong. You need to make sure that you talk to them when both of you are calm enough to talk. I believe most parents do spank only when it is necessary, and when it is appropriate. “I don’t think occasional, non-abusive spanking when young children misbehave is going to cause problems – f the spanking is done right after the infraction in order to teach a simple lesson, if it is not especially painful, and, most important, if the emotional tone of your home is loving and nurturing the rest of the time. ” This is what Dr. Steven Parker believes, who is a pediatrician. (Parker, S. (2004). To spank or not to spank?. In WebMD. Retrieved March 21, 2007, from ” http://www. webmd. com/content/pages/15/97155. htm) This table describes some of the pros and cons of spanking: Grounding Spanking Pro Con Pro Con no pain intense pain takes long time over…

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