Question Answer
Comenzar (e-ie) To begin
Empezar (ie) To begin
Entender (ie) To understand
Preferir(ie) To prefer
Pensar (ie) To think
Querer(ie) To want
Recomendar (ie) To recommend
Tener (ie) To have
Venir (ie) To come
Volver (ue) To go back
Contar (ue) To count
Costar (ue) To cost
Encontrar (ue) To find
Poder (ue) Can or be able to
Recorder (ue) To record
Probar (ue) To try or test
Jugar (u-ue) To play
Conseguir (i) To get, obtain
Decir (i) To say
Pedir (i) To order or ask
Repetir (i) To repeat
Seguir (i) drop the u To continue
Servir (i) To serve
Vestir (i) To dress

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