Spanish American War Essay

The Spanish American War which occurred in 1898 was a struggle between the United States and Spain that had ended Spanish colonial regulation in the Americas. It besides resulted in the United States geting districts in Latin America and in the western Pacific. The war originated in Cuba where people struggled for independency from Spain in February 1895. Spain’s barbarous steps to halt the rebellion were diagrammatically showed off for the United States public by several over dramatic newspapers and American understanding for the Rebels started to lift.

The addition in popular demand for United States intercession became an frazzling event after the unexplained sinking in Havana seaport of the battlewagon USS Maine on Feb. 15. 1898. which was sent to protect United States citizens and belongings after the anti-Spanish rioting in Havana. Spain so announced an cease-fire on April 9 and quickly started up its new plan to allow Cuba a limited sum of self-determination.

The United States Congress shortly after issued declarations that stated Cuba’s right to independency and besides demanded that Spain’s armed forces should or would go forth from the island. It authorized the President’s usage of force to guarantee that backdown while abdicating any United States plans for annexing Cuba in the hereafter. Spain so declared war on the United States on April 24. which followed by a United States declaration of war on the 25th and which was made retro active to April 21.

The uninterrupted war was doltishly nonreversible. since Spain had non prepared either its ground forces or its naval forces for a far off war with the obvious power of the United States. Commo. George Dewey led a United States naval squadron into Manila Bay in the Philippines on May 1. 1898. and demolished the Spanish fleet in a forenoon brush that had cost merely seven American mariners in acquiring lesions or “battle scars” . Manila itself was occupied by United States military personnels by the month of August.

The elusive Spanish Caribbean fleet that was under the bid of Admiral Pascual Cervera was located in the Santiago seaport in Cuba by United States geographic expedition. An ground forces of normal military personnels and voluntaries that were under the bid of General William Shafter. including Theodore Roosevelt and his 1st Volunteer Cavalry. the “Rough Riders” . ported on the seashore E of Santiago. They easy advanced on the metropolis in an attempt to coerce Cervera’s fleet out of the seaport. Cervera so led his squadron out of Santiago on July 3 and tried to get away west edge along the seashore.

In the conflict. all of his ships were destroyed instantly under fire from United States guns and were washed ashore in a atrocious combustion or droping status. Santiago surrendered to Shafter on July 17. which eventually and efficaciously ended the war. By the Treaty of Paris. signed on Dec. 10. 1898. Spain gave back all claims to Cuba. left Guam and Puerto Rico to the United States. and transferred the rights over the Philippines to the United States for $ 20 million dollars. The Spanish American War is and was an of import turning point in the history of both the United States and Spain.

Spain’s licking turned the nation’s attending off from its abroad colonial passings and in ward upon its domestic demands. This procedure led to both a cultural and a literary reawakening and twenty old ages or two decennaries of much needed economic development in Spain. The United States who were winning. on the other manus. rose up from the war a universe power with far abroad ownerships. This became a new turning point in international political relations that would someday shortly take it to play a immense function in the personal businesss of Europe and all over the universe.

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