Span of Control

Span of Control
Number of individuals that a manager can effectively control. Heavily depends on: 1. Complexity of work to be supervised 2. Level of training each individual is at.
Right to use tools and resources to carry out the responsibilities given to any individual. Organizations relay on quality work at all levels.
Chain of Command
Line of authority extending from upper organizational levels to lower levels, which clarifies WHO REPORTS TO WHOM.
Unity of Command
Individual reports to one supervisor. Hierarchy- Either tall or flat. -Narrow span of control refers to the tall hierarchy of an organization which includes many levels of management. Span of control is narrow (more control) (tall thin tower), Restricts creativity of individuals. Flat hierarchy of an organization includes fewer levels of management (short, wide tower) More room for creativity, less control, and a more highly trained staff. .
Obligation that one has to do something to reach a goal or objective-All people in organizations have obligations-if not they are failing, and the entire organization is failing.
Similar activities put in some section together. Parking companies-2 businesses, Retail and Real estate
Meshing various jobs -Everything working in a sycronized way. Example. “Piece of beautiful machinery. “

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