Southwest Asia Study Guide

Who is the Founder of Islam?

Who is the Founder of Christianity?

Who is the Founder of Judiasm?

the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

How has the discovery of oil impacted southwest asia?
It makes the region more important to the world.

Name important rivers in Southwest Asia
Tigri and Euphrates

What bodies of water are around Turkey?
Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

What is a climograph?
a plot of the temperature and precipitation in a particular region

Holy sites to the Jewish religion
The Western Wall

What is OPEC
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

What is a Theocracy?
A government controlled by religous leaders

What is a Democracy?
a form of government in which citizens govern themselves

What is a monarchy?
A monarchy is a governing system ruled by a king or queen

What are the Islamic holy cities?
Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem

What does Monotheism mean?
belief in one god

All thre religions believe they are descendants of…

What is the main religion in Israel?

What caused the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

What are the main religions in Southwest Asia?
Judiasm, Christianity, Islam

What are some strategic waterways in Southwest Asia?
Suez Canal ,Bosporus Straits, Tigris, Euphrates

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