Sources and Uses of Water Flashcard

solid particles are separated from a liquid by passing the mixture through a material that traps the solid and allows the liquid to pass
the liquid collected after a mixture has been filtered
graph that indicates the frequency or number of instances of particular values within a set of related data
percent recovery
proportion of sought material recovered in a process
the different between the highest and lowest values in a data set
divide the sum of a set of numbers by the number of values in the set
middle value in a set of numbers
electrical conductivity
ability to transmit an electric current
direct water use
water usage that can be directly measured
indirect water use
hidden uses of water in which the amount of water used cannot be directly measured
gaseous state
state of matter with no fixed volume or shape
liquid state
state of matter with a fixed volume but no fixed shape
solid state
state of matter with a fixed volume and shape
surface water
water found on Earth’s surface in oceans, rivers, and lakes
ground water
water from an aquifer or other underground source
structure of porous rock, sand, or gravel that holds water beneath Earth’s surface

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