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Right from my school days I was much more interested in mathematics, science and IT workshops in our school scoring more than 90% marks In those subjects displayed my enthusiasm In those subjects, Simultaneously, I have completed computer language courses C and C++ at that very young age itself. Following my interest in those subjects I opted for mathematics, physics as my core modules in my higher education. I secured more than 80% in my two year

Intermediate, But, unfortunately at the time of selecting my core stream In engineering that was a critical time for software industry as most of the software graduates were facing a tough time in securing jobs. On the other side, electrical department was offering a secure path of government sector jobs in our country. I was left with two options In my hand one being CASE department In AGITATE university and the second option of Electrical and Electronics Engineering In PERCEPT one of the best colleges in our city.

Analyzing the future scope and availability of opportunities I went ahead with the decision of choosing electrical engineering even though I had Interest In computer science. Though I was concentrating on my electrical core subjects, I still learnt web programming languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS, PH In my second year of under-graduation. I scored 90% in C language and a full score in IT workshop lab. These are examples which Justify my passion and dedication to the field of computers.

In my 3rd year I was introduced to micro processors and micro intercooler. With the support of my faculty I gained more knowledge In these concepts in the real time application in my electrical core modules. My mini project was one such application which was on wind turbines, introduced microprocessor in the project for controlling the speed according to the wind speeds, disconnecting the generator when battery Is full. Apart from the academics I was an active participant in paper presentations. Also won many competitions in national level technical events.

All that experience purported me to be elected as the chief student coordinator in my 3rd year of under- graduation and executed my duties efficiently managing 500 students along with 40 departmental student coordinators in which my seniors were also a part. My vision is clear. I want to be an efficient software engineer even with a degree In electrical Engineering. I am starving for knowledge in the field of computer science. I want to Invent, explore, re-establish myself with my knowledge In the following years.

With all the theoretical and practical experience which I would gain ruing my Masters I can find decent employment opportunities for me in my country which would full-fill my ambition. I Intend to take full advantage of this fact and I want to be fully prepared to meet these challenges. Therefore, I am In need of a good guide, and a well prepared track for my academic change, and I am sure your programmer is the right direction. Concerns, and provide me an opportunity to get enrolled in the forthcoming batch and fulfill my desire to pursue my academic goals.

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