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I think that it is the gift to dream, the ability to ponder beyond facts and the intelligence to make thoughts into reality that sets us apart from the rest in the tree of evolution. From the wheel to pacemaker, history is replete with events where a simple, yet brilliant idea has changed the way future generations live for decades, and even countries. I believe in seeing dreams and giving my best to realize those dreams that will be a step forward In the betterment of the human race.

Dreams are what made the world, what It Is today. In an era of competition and excellence, engineering has taken strides which our forefather’s never even dreamt of. To be an excellent instrument for the development of our world we must be educated, cultured, refined and thoughtful. Knowledge is what elevates man to a disciplined being. To be an erudite is not only about possessing education but also having skill to implement it in a practical world.

An aspiration to become a pioneer in the field of Electronics prevailed right from my childhood. The desire of gaining in-depth knowledge and my enthusiasm and curiosity to understand the mechanics of electronic devices and about communication systems led me to choose Electronics and Communication engineering as my undergraduate study. During my undergraduate studies, lectures delivered by eminent people who are leaders In their field exposed me to the needs and aspirations of the Industry.

I did my summer In-plant training In Airports Authority of India, where I was engaged In learning various functional aspects of security and communication equipments such as X-ray baggage Inspection System (BUS) and camera used for surveillance purpose. During my third year of undergraduate study I had the opportunity to visit , which is the Indian’s largest public broadcaster.

I had a great experience working with the technicians in this platform where I had a thorough knowledge about the working mechanism in Production control room, Master control room, earth station and transmission process. To implement practically what I had learnt in my three years of undergraduate study, I did my final year project which is about “Implementation of tamper proof ATM and weapon Identification system. ” Looting money, ATM robbery/burglars damaging the money vending machines have become common.

So, In order to save the lives of common people I had used a vibration sensor and Inductive proximity sensor which will alert the cops using a transceiver. Hence, this is an added protection to ATM itself. In addition to the above validates the ability to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks. I believe this course is supportive for any communication engineer to know more in depth about NETWORKING and also I hope that this course will be beneficial for me to attain an internship experience in your laboratory.

To further my knowledge in the field of Communication Systems, I wish to pursue my higher studies and excel in a graduate school that stands for high quality teaching and infrastructure which could help me realize my goal of becoming a lead engineer in the field of communication systems. Technological University () is likely to provide me Just that through its Communication Engineering program. The course listings under this program with subjects such as Digital communication systems, Optical fiber communications, Computer networks,

Antennas and propagation for wireless systems and all other courses provides me a great platform to further my ideas. This knowledge shall help me in design an effective, efficient and safe system, play a significant role in long-term planning, and help me to become a successful communication engineer. I strongly believe is the place that provides the path towards my destination. Has one of the topmost ranked graduate programs in Communication Engineering in terms of experienced faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure and research facilities.

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