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Sony Corporation is a global outfit engaged in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of electronic products.

The company???s showcase includes home audio, portable audio, car audio, car navigation systems, video cameras, digital still cameras, video decks, DVD-Video players/recorders, Digital-broadcasting receiving systems, CRT-based televisions, projection televisions, PDP televisions, LCD televisions, projector for computers, display for computers, personal computer, printer system, portable information PC, broadcast and professional use audio/video/monitors and other professional-use equipment.Also included in their product line-up are semiconductors, LCD, CCD, optical pickups, batteries, audio/video/data recording media, and data recording systems. (Corporate Info). The company, boasts of 151,400 employees worldwide, and is headed by its Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer. The company posts consolidated revenue of 7,159,600 million yen (Corporate Info).

Its name connotes passion and energy, characteristics inherent in its people. The company name ???Sony??? is derived from the word sonus, Latin for ???sound??? and ???sonic???.The other word is ???sonny??? meaning little son. (Corporate History) Description of Businesses The Electronic Segment is made up of audio, video, televisions, information and communications equipment, semiconductors, components and other similar products (2005 Annual Report). The game segment comprises Sony???s game console and software businesses, which are conducted by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (2005 Annual Report) The Music segment consists of the businesses of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Sony Music Entertainment Inc (SMEI) from April through July 2004 In August 2004, SMEI???s business was transferred to Sony BMG Music Entertainment, a joint venture with Bertelsmann AG by the equity method (2005 Annual Report). The Picture segment comprises of motion pictures, television and other businesses conducted by Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (2005 Annual Report). The Financial Services segment encompasses the businesses of Sony Life Insurance Company Ltd. , Sony Assurance, Inc.

, Sony Bank Inc. Sony Finance International, Inc. (2005 Annual Report).Other Services segment is made up of a variety of businesses such as network service, including Internet related services, by Sony Communication Network Corporation, a business for the production and marketing of animation products, a retail seller of imported general merchandise in Japan and an integrated circuit card business.

(2005 Annual Report) Expanding its Services Today, Sony prepares for its broadband services for businesses in key markets.??Also read??the description of computerIt is considering how brand recognition can help it gain market share in this growing field. (Salz-Trautman, 2001). Thus, Tokyo Japan Sony Corporation has taken bigger and more concrete steps in order to grab a stake of the growing global broadband services and solutions market. Some analysts think that this may threaten the objectives of operators when they want to offer content-based broadband network services to consumers, yet they question Sony’s initial focus on the business market.

According to Neil Ward-Dutton, a principal consultant and research director at Ovum Ltd. , London, “Sony’s combination of brand, devices and content give it a strong [position] to deliver broadband to homes. ??? He added that ???we’re seeing is Sony revealing a plan to be a kind of virtual broadband ASP [applications service provider] for businesses. ??? Today, the company wants to maximize the pluses of its brand and the growing stock of content.It has slowly inched its way from providing electrical products to offering broadband services, from consulting and design to training, support and maintenance (Salz-Trautman, 2001). One of its more strategized moves was to gather its technology and content assets in key markets, moving its increasing broadband and cable-related interests in Japan and the United States, and creating new companies focused on broadband solutions for businesses (Salz-Trautman, 2001).

Indeed, the company is gearing up for the years ahead as it expands its broadband environment in response to new markets. Kazuo Ike, senior vice president of Sony’s communication System Solution Network Company, predicts that Sony will develop rapid evolution away from the package solution business–just providing boxes–towards a combination of the strengths of IT and audio visual. ??? ConclusionIndeed, people look to Sony for entertainment but people are now viewing Sony as achieving significant inroads in the business sector. This is what makes Sony unique.

It is constantly evolving and answering the demands of the times. In fact, the ???new Sony Broadband Solution Corp. (SBS) will be capitalized at [yen]1. 64 billion, and had aimed for sales of [yen]1.

3 billion in its first year and [yen]5 billion by 2005. ??? (Salz-Trautman, 2001).References

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