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The Focus of this assessment task is to analysis the maps given using the PQE method and the SHEEPT method. We have been given a range of different verity of maps that shows us different things like for example: Population, Farming, Dam’s etc. We are going to use the PQE where we are going to analyse the Pattern shown in the maps and then look for any expectations to do with those Patten’s. The other method that I will use to analyse the maps is the SHEEPT method which is where you like for factors that relate to things like: Technology, History etc.In this paragraph I will be noting the patterns that I have identified in the maps given.

The pattern that I have identified in the first given map was that most of the population of Australia lives on the coastal areas and less of the population are living in the desert areas in the middle of Australia. The second pattern that I have identified is that Australia is mostly made up of dry open desert landscapes that have less then 250mm of rain a year where as other areas of Australia have over 500mm of rain a year. The third pattern that I have noticed was that most of Australia has a medium dam capacity where as other parts of Australia ether have a larger dam capacity or no data was able to be recorded.In this paragraph I will be looking at the exceptions in the patterns that I identified in the last paragraph. The exception that I have found in the first map given was that there is a large amount of people are living in the west of Australia and there are over 1,000,000 people living in the west to count. The exception for the second pattern on the second map was there are patches of a semi-desert that get 250-500mm of rain a year.

The exception that I found in the third pattern was that in the south-west coast of Australia has a smaller dam capacity then the top or east of Australia.In these next two paragraphs I will be looking at using the SHEEPT method. This method looks for factors like:…

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