Solubility Rules Flashcard

Which of the following are soluble?
Na2S, CaCO3, Zn(OH)2, LiO, AgCl, Rb3PO4, Mg(OH)2, CdS, HC2H3O2, NH4Cl
Na2S: most sulfides are insol, except IA’s
LiO: IA cmpds= sol
HC2H3O2 (acetic acid): acetate is soluble, acid in H2O, so aqueous
NH4Cl: ammonium cmps= sol
Which of the following are insoluble?
Fam IA cmpds, Ca(OH)2, BaSO4, NH4Br, Li2CO3, CuCl, (NH4)2S, PbI2, SrSO4
INSOL: CuCl (most chlorides are soluble, except Cu(I), Ag, Pb(II), Hg(I).
PbI2 (most iodides are sol, but same as above),
SrSO4: (most sulfates are sol, except Ca, Sr, Ba, Pb(II).
Soluble or insoluble?
Compounds of IA and NH
Sol or insol?
Cmpds containing NO3-, ClO3-, C2H3O2-
Soluble or insoluble?
Common chlorides, bromides, iodides
sol: EXCEPT w/: Ag, Pb(II), Cu(I), Hg(I)
The following chloride, bromide, and iodide cmpds are soluble or insoluble?
CuCl, HgI, AgBr
What chloride, bromide, and iodide compounds are insoluble?
Those containing: Ag, Pb(II), Cu(I), Hg(I)
Soluble or insoluble?
Sol, EXCEPT FOR: Ca, Sr, Ba, Pb(I)
Which common sulfate cmpds are INSOL (most common sulfates are sol)
Ca, Sr, Ba, Pb(II)
Insoluble or soluble?
Common metallic hydroxides
Sol or insol?
Common metallic hydroxides cont. IA, Ca, Ba, Sr
Soluble (most metallic hydroxide cmpds are insol)
Soluble or insol?
Common phosphates, carbonates, silicates?
Insol, except for: IA and ammonium
Soluble or insoluble?
Carbonates, Phosphates, Silicates containing NH4+, IA elem.’s
Soluble (most CO32-, PO43-, and SiO32- are insoluble)
Sol or insol?
Common sulfides
Insol EXCEPT FOR: IA, IIA, and NH4+
Sol or Insol?
Common sulfides cont. IIA, IA, and NH4+
Soluble (most common sulfides are insol)

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