solubility Flashcard

all of the substance dissolves in water
partially soluble
substanec dissolves to a great extent in water (some precipitate left)
spectator ions
: ions that do not change during the reaction
ionic equations
show what happens to the ions that take part in a chemical reaction
net ionic equations
ionic equation that does not include spectator ions
solubility product constant
the equilibrium constants for reaction involving solibilities– ksp
common ion
a solution of two dissolved solutes that contain the same ion or ions
the product of the initial ion concentrations
what happens to solids when dissolved in water?
they dissociate. some are only slightly soluble
what types of phases ionize? so what can you write formulas for?
What does solubility equilibrium look at
partially or almost insoluble solids in equilibrium
solubility equilibrium
when the rate of dissolving is equal to the rate of precipitation
do you ever get a denominator for dissolving a solid —ionic—— substance
no, because reactants are always solid.
when reaction involve solubilities, the equi constants are refered to as
product constants or ksp
how is the ksp determined? at standard temperature
when the concentration of the ions in a saturated solution are multiplied together and raised to their coefficients.
why is ksp useful
tells the relative solubilities of slightly soluble electrolytes

smaller ksp’s mean the solids are less soluble than larger ksps

predict whether a precipitate will form when two solutions are mixed

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