Soil study guide

Much of the Earths surface is covered with soil

Soil is made from:
tiny rocks, sand, minerals, silt and decayed plants/animals

is decayed remains of plants and animals (it was once living)

Sand, silt and clay are
types of soil

largest-sized particles / water flows through without much trouble.

Loam/Potting Soil
medium-sized particles / water flows through quickest

very small-sized particles / water flows through VERY slowly

How soil layers are alike
*have minerals *hold water

uppermost layer of soil-*small, dark particles *humus *holds lots of water and minerals

Layer of soil just below the topsoil *no humus *bigger lighter particles*holds some water and some minerals

Solid rock
unweathered rock that lies below the subsoil *solid rock

Why it is important to take care of our soil
*plants live in soil*animals eat plants*we need it to grow our food

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