Soil science chapter 13

Soil amendmnet
A substance mixed in to the soil to improve its properties, excludong fertilizer
Composite sample
The soil sample sent to a soil-testing lab resukting from mixing together many individual sample. It should represent the average soil in a field
Green-tissue test
A qualitative testing or evaluation of nutrient content in freshly collected and macerated green leaf tissure
Precision agriculture
A system of crop pest and fertility management on very small locations so that very soecific (almost prescriptive) recomendations and apocations can be made for fertilizer or pesticides
Site specific management
Tryig to tailor all crop management practices to the unique needs of small sampling units in each field
Soil sampling
The systematic gathering of soil samples for use in soil testing
Soil testing
Using various tests to measure properties that affect how well soil will support plant growth
Tissue testing
Testing nutrients in the plant itself, instead of nutrients in the soil

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