Soil fertility

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Difference between fertiliser and manures Fertilisers- chemicals made in factories. Manures – natural comes from the cows
Straight fertiliser Contains one element
Example of straight fertiliser CAN- contains nitrogen
Why is calcium in CAN To act as a pH buffer
Compound fertiliser 2 or more elements
Name a compound fertiliser NPK 10:10:20
Name 2 ways in which fertilisers are spread Fertiliser spreader – direct drilling
How is slurry spread Slurry tank- deflection plate which throws slurry 6ft our either side of spreader
What is a muck spreader Spreads farm yard manure
What is FYM Farm yard manure- includes old cow/calf bedding, wastes found around the farm, dung
What contains more Nitrogen- slurry or CAN CAN

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