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The solutions to all these problems are among the objectives of this system. The development Of the system follows the software engineering methodology called Software Process Model that covers every aspect of software development of this system from identifying requirements until the maintenance part. Beta testing is one of the requirements of this system to measure the capability of the evaluation system itself as well as the open source software used for the development process. As a result from the activities which have been through, the feedback from users towards the yester are gathered.

Introduction The main reason of students in going to school is to learn. Lessons might be hard to understand and boring that’s why some students wants to sleep or talk with their classmates. Others are just being silent or may be listening but without understanding the lesson, or thinking that maybe this lesson is from another dimension. The lesson may be clearly understood when a teacher asks a question then every student rapidly raise his/her hand with their eyes so beautiful thinking happily that for the first time the answer is sure and this s the chance that would pull the grade up.

Most lessons are

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rendered by the teacher, they have the important role Of sharing their knowledge to the students. Teachers may need to know how to improve their performance in school and how will the students learn the lesson effectively. They must have teaching techniques or strategies to make the lesson interesting because they will be evaluated by the students. The evaluation forms are given by the member or personnel assigned in the guidance office. They roam around in class and stop by to every classroom to explain the faculty evaluation form ND give it to the students for them to answer.

This may take a lot of time and sometimes disturb the class. To make this less inconvenient, there must have an Online Faculty Evaluation System that can be access using the internet. This will save personnel’s time and effort and can encourage faculty to understand effective teaching; to develop new approaches to teaching, to use innovative teaching and learning methodologies, and to implement leading edge equipment in the classroom. Background and Related Work The benefits of using the World Wide Web for survey data collection are not only widely publicized but readily manifest to anyone with a basic functional knowledge of the standard.

Distribution does not require the use of paper nor do geographical distances pose the same, if any, sort of barrier. Processing of results moves from the human realm to the machine realm making them available much more quickly, even immediately. A major component of HTML is the form object which contains representations of all standard response mechanisms likelier text, item checklists and multiple choices used on forms. With the integration of JavaScript, PH, CSS, Ajax, Equerry, Myself into a page, it’s possible to perform fairly complex data validation.

Features of handwriting are eliminated. The “radio button” form element can be implemented to prevent accidental multiple selection for items where only a single selection is desired (e. G. Multiple choice questions). HTML “selection boxes” offer a similar functionality. Finally, the growing accommodation of multi-media file formats, either through browser plug-ins or coded functionality. Perceived benefits of online surveys cited were always similar, if not exactly the same, as the perceived benefits generally associated with neural survey administration.

Reduced costs for materials. Security and user’s privacy is vital, each user have personal accounts to access into the system. Faculty can only view the outcome Of the evaluation. This will help assure students that instructors cannot manipulate the evaluation process or access responses as they are submitted. The guidance counselor has the ability to change, edit or add the questions but he/she cannot change the answers of the students. Tallying results like multiple choices will be viewed as graphic bars and it will be used in scaling of teacher’s performance call.

Comments will be organized and viewed in different page. This will help the faculty to view the evaluation easily. Propose Research l. General -The manual paper-based faculty evaluation in SST. Peters ‘College. II . Specific a. Time Consuming, the interruption of classes during evaluation. B. Tons of paper works and human efforts. C. The long process and time of tallying the result of evaluation. Validation Approach (Objective) I. General To develop an online and web-based faculty evaluation system. II. Specific a. To develop an online system that will lessen the work of guidance unsolder.

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