Sociopaths in Society

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Sociopaths and their relationship to the rest of society is the topic I would like to study. I want to explore the history of what we know about sociopaths, major past sociopaths and their behavior. Though sociopaths can exist in any type of environment, I want to specifically focus on sociopaths in the criminal work. I would like to take on a clinical and social approach to sociopathy, and see if there is any science behind the marked disorder. What is your specific hypothesis or hypotheses?

Though sociopaths can exist anywhere, there is a high chance that most are found in the criminal world or have had past criminal history. My second hypothesis is that sociopaths can be also be recognized as being so through chemical or some other type of medical testing. What will be your independent variable? Dependent variable? For the first hypothesis, participants must be chosen to represent possible sociopaths from regular everyday places in society and participants from the criminal word, both misdemeanor or felony charges can be represented.

Each group will have 50 people in it. After filling out a self-reported questionnaire that will be built to catch some verbiage that matches possible sociopathic tendencies, 25 people who rank highest on the sociopathic side of the questionnaire of group B will continue to be part of the study; the other 25 will be sent home. For group B, the people who rank lowest on a sociopathic verbiage test will be asked to stay.

The dependent group will be the criminal group, and the independent group will be the everyday criminal record free group picked out randomly on the street. Then clinical testing will be used to determine if there is a difference in brain structure or synapses between the minds of criminals and everyday citizens that have no record. How would the results of this study contribute to society? In other words, why would this study be important?

If society could better know who had sociopathic disorders, testing for treatment options would become more specific and ways to help sociopaths would increase and become more effective. In addition, if it was made clear that sociopathic runs in most or a large majority of criminals, society would be better prepared to deal with them and would know not to be so trusting. What do you already know about this topic? Sociopaths try very hard to avoid letting others find out about their condition.

So far there is no major finding in the medical word that sociopathy can be detected or tested; rather it is easier to find out if someone is so based on their behavior. Some famous criminals have been psychopaths, however psychopathy is more common and noticeable in high profile and extreme cases. When they disorder can be covered up, it is harder to detect and therefore one might not think it is linked to some of the more minor crimes.

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