Sociology Unit 3

sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and values that are characteristic of an individual

the transmission of genetic characteristic from parents to children

an unchanging, biologically inherited behavior pattern

systematic study of the biological basis of all social behavior

capacity to learn a particular skill or acquire a particular body of knowledge

feral children
wild or untamed children

interactive process through which people learn the basic skills, values, beliefs, and behavior patterns of a society

conscious awareness of possessing a distinct identity that separates you and your environment from other members of society

looking-glass self
interactive process by which we develop an image of ourselves based on how we imagine we appear to others

basis of the socialization process that allows to anticipate what others expect of us

significant others
people who have a direct influence on our sociolization

generalizaed other
internalized attitudes, expectations, and viewpoints of society

unsocialized, spontaneous, self-interested component of personality and self-identity

part of ourself that is aware of the expectations and attitudes of society – the socialized self

anticipatory socialization
learning the rights, obligations, and expectations of a role to prepare for assuming that role in the future

tendency of individuals to marry people who have social characteristics similar to their own

courting buggy
horse-drawn carriage used by the Amish

any substance that changes mood, behavior, or consciousness

social intergration
degree of attachment people have to social groups or to society as a whole

agents of socialization
specific forces and situations that shape socialization

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