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Football has its roots in England and dates back to 1863 (Green, 1953). It is the most sought after sport in the world, and it came into being after the disintegration of rugby football with the association of football into different entities. The English Football Association was formed as a result, and it became the first body in charge of the sport.

Football growth can arguably be linked to a number of different games that were dissimilar with regards to the various aspects. However, since the culture of kicking the ball has existed for several years, then logically it is not arguable that football is an improvisation of handball.

Football requires a great deal of skill as players engage in fighting after the ball. The original layout of the game dates back to the third century in China, with scientific evidence in the military manual confirming the allegation. Tsu’ Chu was the dynasty forbearer of soccer and it constituted striking a ball, made of leather, which was often filled with hair or feathers. The substances were put into an opening that measured approximately 35 cm in width. The players would use their feet, back, chest, and shoulders in a bid to resist being ambushed by opponents. The use of hands was never allowed (Mandelbaum, 2004).

Japanese Kemari was the other version of football that had its origin in the Far East about 500-600 BC. In this game, players stood in circles whie passing the ball amongst them within a small area while ensuring that it does not fall to the ground. However, it did not involve the fight for possession.

Episkyros and Harpastum were the most engaging type to the participants (Mandelbaum, 2004). The later type of football was played by two teams using a small ball. The field used was rectangular having boundary lines in addition to a center line. Displaying of skills was the order of the day towards achieving the aim of the game which was getting the foot ball over the boundary of the opponents. The relevance of the game lasted to 700-800 years; while the Romans imported it to Great Britain, using of legs did not fade (Green, 1953).

Football draws a fan base across the world as it is the most followed sport across the world. Men and women, the young and the old follow the game. The players also constitute men and women, but each gender can only play against the same team of the equivalent gender. The game has been so ingrained into people’s culture all over the world.

The game is associated with passion, emotion, excitement, and dedication .Both players and fans alike have been seen crying due to joy, and also as a result of losing a match. Players take each other on the pitch, and fans engage in fights arising from arguments relating to the sport.

Football is a professional sport where players and managers are employed on contractuall basis to render their services to the particular club they sign for (Green, 1953). However, it is also an amateur sport in places where people play for fun without the aim of making an earning out of it.

There has been tremendous growth of football in America that has resulted to a population of about 8 million Americans playing soccer at all levels. Out of the people, about 3 million under 10 play competitively (Green, 1953). The sport is the fastest growing in the nation in high school.

The media plays a huge role in football in America. This is evident in the exposure of the players who aspire to sign a certain club such as Major League Soccer (Mandelbaum, 2004). The press is also involved in the preparation of the next matches by conducting press conferences and carrying out the actual documentary of the game. Various articles in magazines (for example, The American Football Monthly) cover football activities.

Both females and males follow the sport although that depends on whether one is a fan or not. In addition, the sport has got the following of whites, blacks, and Asians. All age groups take part in the game in different capacities, but it is most popular with the youth. Football plays an integral part in people’s lives by bringing people of diverse cultures together. It also contributes in lowering crime and bad behavior by engaging idle people who could otherwise be doing some illegal activities.

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