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What is sociology? By and large, sociology is the survey of society and the forms that exist between persons. Harmonizing to Auguste Comte ( male parent of sociology ) defines sociology as the scienceA of societal phenomena “ capable to natural and invariable Torahs, theA discoveryA of which is the object of probe ” . There are many other sociologists who give their position on sociology such as Emile Durkheim, Max Webber, Jane Addams, and Herbert Spencer and so on and so forth.

The sociological theory is the theoretical paradigm ( cardinal premises that guides believing ) which makes usage of three schools of ideas -structural-functionalism ; social-conflict and symbolic-interaction. Harmonizing to structural-functionalism or functionalism, it is the model for constructing theory that views society as a composite system which means the parts work together to advance solidarity and stableness. The structural functionalism undertakings its cardinal elements, societal construction that refers to any comparatively stable forms of societal behavior found in societal establishments ( in the position of instruction, political relations, faiths and households ) and societal map, the effects of a societal form for the operation ( construction ) of society as a whole. The laminitis of structural functionalism is Emile Durkheim. Each portion of a society which means its part to the stableness of the whole society is interpreted by this school of idea. In order to accomplish the stableness of the whole society, each and every portion of the society is functional to acquire it done. Each of the portion is organized to carry through different demands and its function to organize and determining the society are known as the different parts of the establishments of society. The parts are comparatively depending on one another. The concentration on societal stableness and the sharing of public values are done by holding the consensus and this method is chiefly emphasized by structural functionalism. From this angle of position, alteration in the system by disorganisation will go on and in order to get the better of it, each of the social constituents must make its accommodation to accomplish system ‘s stableness. If one portion is dysfunctional, the other parts besides be affected and this will take to societal alteration finally. In general, structural functionalism sees the society as an interconnected portion that works together to bring forth a stable system while taking count its maps and disfunctions.

Structural functionalism paradigm can be found everyplace. One of them is in a school ( society ) , primary, secondary or third leveled. In order to organize a stable system, the principal, instructors and the pupils ( the society members ) must work together. The instruction system and the stable system will be affected if even one of the portion failed to work decently or disfunction. Human society besides depends on this system every bit good. Norms, traditions, linguistic communication ( the parts of society ) must be acknowledged to forestall the disfunction from happening in the community. Therefore, even the disfunction must non be neglected and taken into history to make a stable system.

Symbolic Interact

Symbolic interaction positions society as the merchandise of mundane interactions of persons. It emphasize society is a complex, ever-changing mosaic ( pieces of mystifier ) of subjective significances and it is a shared world that people construct as they interact with one another. Max Weber ( stresses that symbolic interactions is the understanding a scene from the people in it ) , on the other manus, induction of a bigger survey on the belief of faith is done around the universe. Ancient Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism surveies are done by him. InA The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of CapitalismA ( 1904/1958 ) , his analysis and reading is on the impact of Christianity on Western thought and civilization ( the societal alterations ) . In symbolic interactionism, faith by itself is aA symbol, but as this theory focuses on micro degree, the division of faith is into many sets and the subsets of smaller symbols and on single interactions in one another ‘s presence. The Supreme beings are viewed as Godheads of the universe ; therefore they have the power to govern the universe and do the procedure of honoring and penalizing those who behave decently and those who break the regulations.

Social Conflict theory

Social struggle theory, the 3rd theoretical position, offers a position of societal life as the changeless battle between categories, societal groups, and persons for power and resources on the macro degree. The thought of this position is the struggle in human society viing with each other chiefly for resources or power. In malice of, this elements are ever limited which consequence on lose of a peculiar group and benefits the full component for another group. The term dominant group versus disadvantaged group normally rises in this struggle in which the disadvantaged group will certainly be manipulated by an advantaged group and finally causes the field of inequality to happen. Social inequality such as, race, age, category, position and sex are some field of inequality and the chief attack presents are gender-conflict and race-conflict. Gender-conflict focal points inequality between work forces and adult females while race-conflict focal points between racial and cultural of people or classs. Karl Marx is a sociologist who focuses on the importance of societal category in inequality and societal struggle. Based on thoughts originally proposed by Karl Marx ( 1818-1883 ) . Marx believed that economic power led to political power. This is the key to understanding societies.The battle for economic power means that society is non inactive but ever-changing – societal alteration is the consequence of a alteration made to the economic system.Therefore, if we want to understand society, we must understand the economic system in topographic point Neo-Marxists believe the economic system creates a rich category of proprietors and a hapless category of workers.

Case survey to explicate / luxuriant each of position associated with each school of ideas.

Structural Functionalism

I have found a instance survey related on structural functionalism theory from Emile Durkheim. I chose a company either in smaller or larger graduated table ( society ) is a portion of a system and plays a critical function as a portion of society by holding its ain direction. The company has its ain map such provide a on the job topographic point for the people and contribute to the state ‘s income finally. For illustration, the income of the company and state ‘s income will be affected if the board of managers of the peculiar company are non executing their undertaking or occupation decently or in other word disfunctions, and it becomes worst when the company itself ignores this affair. As harmonizing to the functionalist theory, every portion is connected and need to work together to organize a stable system but it will non be successful when the company ‘s status is like this… In order to forestall this type of things from go oning, every person is responsible for its ain map and disfunctions in order to organize a stable system.


I found a instance survey on social-conflict that is divorce. Divorce is the cancelling of matrimonial position, official duties and the bond of marriage between both male and female parties. Why some of matrimonies failed and finally take to disassociate? A struggle theory can be created here. In a household, the male refers to the user while the female refers to be the exploited ( feminist theory ) . Divorce can go on if the female ‘s privilege is disturbed when the male ne’er to give importance to her. For illustration, when a adult male abuses his married woman, the married woman can take determination that she can stop her relationship with her hubby who disrespects her self-respect and rights if there is no other manner.

Symbolic Interactions

I found a instance survey on symbolic interactions in the angle of instruction. It is greatly intersected with symbolic interaction as a psychological position. The latter determines human workss harmonizing to the significance of the things or people they approach. For illustration, if a immature miss finds out that a male child whom she is in love with takes an active portion in, allow ‘s state, cross-cultural nine she will most likely mark up for it excessively. Obviously, it means that her chief want is to be closer to him and go an apple of his oculus. The same happens in instruction every bit good when a pupil establishes his /her precedences refering the categories he /she are supposed to take. Symbolic interaction here plays a cardinal function as the pupil will likely stress categories either necessary for his hereafter calling ( personal involvement ) or to do the agenda more convenient ( societal aim ) .It would be appropriate to advert that instruction systems vary from civilization to civilization. This fact has likely originated from the historical procedure during which cultural values and traditional positions were being created. Therefore, the 3rd universe states are characterized by wholly different instruction system. They start school at the age of 7 and alumnus from high school when they are 19-year-old immature grownups.

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