Sociology Exam 1 review

Which early theorist saw class conflict as the main source
of social change?
Karl Marx

For Max Weber, _____ was a key dynamic of modern
development, which, among other things led to _____.
rationalization; secularization

What is the dependent variable in the following
“If college students live with their parents, the students are
less likely to engage in binge drinking than if they live in the
Binge Drinking

T or F: From the lecture and reading on social mobility in the U.S., the
authors of the report, “Getting Ahead or Losing Ground?” noted
that all children in the U.S. have an equal chance of upward
social mobility.

According to Schuman in “Sense and Nonsense about
Surveys,” why did the survey conducted by Literary Digestfail
to accurately predict the outcome of the 1936 presidential
a) the sample was biased because it drew from lists of people
who had telephones.
• b) the sample was biased because it drew from lists of
automobile owners.
• c) the sample was biased because the affluent were overrepresented
among those surveyed.
• d) all of the above
• e) none of the above
d) all of the above

Which of the following best describes the case of Genie who was
left virtually alone in her attic for several years?

T or F: In her classic study of gender roles in three New Guinea tribes,
Margaret Mead found substantial variation in gender roles, thus
challenging the functionalist view of gender.

What happened when researchers sent out men and
women with matched resumes to apply for jobs at highend
restaurants? _____ were less likely to get an
interview and get a job offer.

What is Sociology?
-Scientific study of human social relationships, groups and societies
-Logically constructed theory and systematic observation
-Sociology debunks common sense

What is Agency?
Ability of individuals and groups to exercise free will and to make social changes on a small or large scale

What is structure
-Patterned social arrangements
-May enable or constrain agency

what did mills feel sociology was
The individual matters bc sociological explanations are probabilistic (likelihood of something occurring)
Individuals have capacity to deviate from pattern

Who was Peter Berger?
– Sociologist debunks common sense
-first thing he did was close down the socio departments in all universities. Why? Because sociologists try to see what is behind things we take for granted and often its about power distributions

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