Sociology chapter 16 population

The number of people living in an area at a particular time

The area of sociology devoted to the study oh human population

Birth rate
The measure most often used by demographers to describe the births within a population.

Fertility rate
The actual number of births occuring to women of child bearing age

Fecundity rate
The biological capability to bear children

The number of deaths within a society

Death rate
Deaths in a population

Infant mortality rate
The annual number of deaths among infants under one year of age

Life expectancy
Refers to the average number of years that a person born in a particular year

Growth rate
Calculated by subtarcting the death rate from the birthrate and are usually expressed as percentages

Zero population growth
The point at which nearly equal birthrates and death rates produce a growth

Family planning
The conscious decision by couples to have a certain number of children

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