Sociology and Racism

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Sociology as a discipline studies how individuals or groups of people correlate and interact with each other in the society. In a higher perspective, sociology seeks to identify several ways in which persons in a society relate to each other and what hinders normal relationships. In short, sociology compares how a group of people in a given setting interacts with a group from another setting espousing different cultural beliefs (Rattansi, 3). It seeks to show that all people are the same despite the difference in ethnic or physical appearances. These comparisons in sociology are acquired through sampling large groups of people and dividing them into sub-groups so that the sampled information is accurate. After sampling, it becomes easier to pinpoint what to do to achieve a moral society by applying sociology.

A society has people from all walks of life that differ in color of the skin, beliefs, culture, gender, environmental upbringing, education, and many other factors. This multifaceted difference is supposed to be embraced and celebrated, but unfortunately, it has been causing havoc and tensions in the society. People from a given setting do not relate well with others from other settings simply because of the differences that can be accommodated with ease through practice. There have been numerous reasons as to why this has happened, namely ethnicity, class, race, language, and many other reasons that are still being researched into.

Racism stands out as a major antisocial event that has been experienced about daily in different parts of the world. This is where a given group of persons who believe they are important and superior treat others with a different skin color and hir color differently in a way to demean them and show them that they are of low class (Griffiths and Giddens, 271). Some of these victims of racism have been physically attacked and others killed. Racists have a wrong belief that some people have an upper hand as per their skin color, compared to others, who they see as inferior human beings. Most people who discriminate and those who are discriminated against are either of low class with minimum education or black-skinned. This has happened and continue happening even though many sociologists agree that no clear races exist.

Racism is also based on physical appearance of a person. Different physical structures are passed from one generation to another and scientists believe this transition is not genetically conditioned and so it should not be used to discriminate against anybody. It has been a cause of concern in major events around the globe. Players with black skin have been booed in various football games in Europe. In several instances, banana skins have been thrown on the game field to humiliate these players. These instances were even worse in cases where the black players had scored in games involving big teams. These and many others mean that sociology has not been embraced by all.

Major cases have been experienced in football games. Recently, we experienced a case involving Patrice Evra of Manchester United and Luis Suarez of Liverpool. Suarez was suspended for eight consecutive games following his racist attack on Evra. In his defense, Suarez had argued that he did not know if what he had said towards Evra was racially abusive, but that was not forgiven to him. The board believed that a player of his stature should be informed on the rulees and regulations of any country he plays in. This stamps the point that football is a game that resembles a society with multiple cultures and a multi-ethnic environment that should not harbor such racist and abusive language (Senker, 57).

In another case, the Chelsea captain John Terry has been facing suspected racism charges involving him and Anton Ferdinand of Queens Park Rangers Football Club. He maintains he is innocent even though the football board is yet to make a ruling. If he is found guilty, he stands to pay a huge amount of money as a fine and also be suspended for several premier league games. Analysts say that with the current big names facing the charges and paying for their anti-social behavior, the war against racism will be won at last and we shall have a society where people respect and appreciate different cultures (Andersen and Taylor, 126).

Due to increased cases of racism, we have had bodies formed to fight this vice and advocate for the sociological approach in the society. The Red Card campaign in the United Kingdom was put in place to advocate against racism in football. A correspondent from this campaign noted that most clubs will defend their players even if they are wrong because they are dependable and their sole assets but acknowledged the fact that some big names in football have come out to support this war. By so doing, they have set good examples that will be emulated all over the football fraternity. The campaign insists that not only should a player be punished when found guilty, but he should also be educated to avoid repetition of such instances. They suggest equipping the player socially in the society so that he acknowledges the diversity in the world (Fenton, 98).

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