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Definition of sociological imaginativeness

Sociological theories describe causes and effects of human behaviour ; analyze the societal life, and society. Above definition shows two constructs: human being at the micro degree and society at the macro degree. Sociological imaginativeness is a sociological theory that encapsulates these two constructs: person, and society ( What is Sciology ) . An person is an component of society. The society acts forces on this component. Sociological imaginativeness enables the person to place these forces, their impacts. Sociological imaginativeness is the ability of linking micro degree to the macro degree, and separating personal problems and societal issues.

Importance of sociological imaginativeness

External act of an single shows what one does, which is the consequence of cause and consequence. The cause facet defines why one acts in a specific manner. Individual act besides displays the structural agreement of a society at a location and a historical point of civilisation. Individual act, history, and location are intertwined. Sociological imaginativeness demonstrates how an single perceives the societal forces, every bit good as the cause and consequence relationship of an single or group of persons with societal issues or societal forces. This is why we should care for sociological imaginativeness.


In India, many centuries ago, widow adult females used to perpetrate ritualistic self-destruction by being burned alive along with the dead hubby. The act of widow adult females was the consequence of societal forces that existed during that clip in India ( Deducing with sociological imaginativeness ) . In John Grisham ‘s novel A Time to Kill, the African American Carl Lee Hailey kills two white work forces who raped and killed his small girl Tonya. Acts of the white work forces and Carl Lee Hailey were the consequence of societal forces that existed in societal groups in the USA at that clip. The societal force in this instance was racism. Two white work forces raped and killed Tonya because she was black. Carl Lee killed the white rapers because he knew justness would non predominate for white work forces ( A clip to kill 2008 ) .

Thesis statement

When I analyze my ain life through sociological imaginativeness, I am able to explicate my Acts of the Apostless and societal forces behind them. If I can separate, good and bad Acts of the Apostless utilizing wisdom so I can alter my behaviour and worldview. Conflict theory envisioned a society as fragmented into groups. More powerful societal groups exert forces on less powerful groups. Social imaginativeness discloses the features of societal forces when and merely when persons interact with these forces.


Definition of societal context

In a net shell, sociological imaginativeness is an interaction between an person and societal forces. This abstraction points towards the construct of being of correlativity between psychological science and sociology. Social context theory reveals this relationship and show social and societal alterations over the transition of clip, explains the causes that brought alterations and offers future alteration forms. The theoretical account includes three factors: micro socialisation procedure through the behaviour of single and corporate of persons, macro societal forces through the societal construction, and clip ( Social context theory ) . Social context theory is analyzed through societal environment dimension and clip dimension. Social environment dimension consists of societal constructions that shape the behaviour of single or group of persons, societal procedure demonstrates how persons perceive, interpret and interact with the societal constructions, and societal behaviour represents the societal worlds through behaviour of persons. Time dimension enacts the power of the bing social forces in keeping societal behaviour spiels ( Social context theory ) . Social imaginativeness acknowledges the being of interaction between single or group of persons and societal forces. Social context theory explains how and why the relationship emerged and what changes the relationship could convey over the transition of clip.

Specific socio-historical force – 1

I lived in Russian portion of the Ex-Soviet Union. During mid 1980s, state ‘s economic conditions started deteriorating. By late 1980s absence of equal trade goods started aching populace. Bad economic system as a societal construction shaped persons behaviours with the construct that Russian Federation was feeding the parasites, non-Russians, so Russians must abandon “ them, ” the non-Russians. When societal construction ( bad economic system ) and societal procedure ( persons interaction ) came into struggle, it resulted the interruption up of the state.

Specific socio-historical force – 2

I was born and raised in Palestine. Social construction was hapless economic system, hapless life conditions, cardinal spiritual belief, and changeless aggression from Israel. Social procedure was my perceptual experience about Israel and their political relations towards Palestine. Poverty, faith, and bad life environment shaped my behaviour. My perceptual experience was to alter life environment, which I found in cooperation with Israel. I voted for peace roadmap with Israel.

How your societal context could be different

Imagine I am populating in the USA during the period of segregation. I am an African American. The societal construction created by European Whites suppressed my rights ; I can non acquire proper instruction, proper occupation, and even a nice topographic point to populate. Now, conjecture I live in the USA when the state has a president who is an African American. It took a long clip to do this alteration, nevertheless, now I have equal rights as Whites.


Definition of societal location

The construct societal imaginativeness assigns two properties: an person or group of persons and societal forces. Social imaginativeness defines the interaction of an single or group of persons with societal forces. At the same clip, the person is a character located at a certain topographic point in the society. In American society, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, male, heterosexual, upper middle-class, educated, older defines societal location of a individual ( Social location ) . Social location defines a individual ‘s topographic point in their peculiar societal order. A individual ‘s prejudice, belief, and values are shaped based on societal locations. Gender, colour, economic degree, coming from the small town or town, healthy or ill, immature or old ; these are some of properties of societal location. Persons from similar societal location create their ain societal hierarchy. Social hierarchy classifies persons in a group based on regard, prestigiousness, economic success, and accretion of wealth into societal categories.

Description of societal location

I am from India, a state with 1.22 billion populations. I am male, less than 25, from town, literate, which severally corresponds to 50 % , 51 % , 75 % , and 28 % of the entire population. From the economic point of view, 18 % constitutes rich and upper in-between category, 23 % constitute in-between category, and 59 % of the entire population are hapless. I belong to the 18 % societal category ( India ‘s in-between category population 2011 ; India ‘s population 2012 ) .

Personal experience # 1

My childhood societal location should be classified than in-between category. I faced absence of money in carry throughing a kid ‘s desire of buying playthings.

Personal experience # 2

Teenage old ages were financially small better, but my parents still were unable to pay tuition for schools with better instructors, and engineering. I studied in schools for kids from underprivileged households.

Personal experience # 3

In college old ages, I became interested in Marxism and construct of struggle theory. Old ages of destitute economic conditions contributed societal imaginativeness that rich and upper in-between category are avaricious and want to maintain the in-between category economically handcuffed everlastingly.

Relative CULTURE

Personal beliefs, values, or attitudes # 1

Edward Taylor defined civilization as a composite of behaviour form and perceptual experience which includes cognition, beliefs, ethical motives, imposts, moralss and any other accomplishment and wonts acquired by adult male as a member of society ( What is civilization? ) . At the same clip, belief, imposts, and moralss are comparative to individual within his ain societal context. This is how anthropologist explains comparative civilization construct ( What is civilization relativism? ) . Sociological imaginativeness is interaction between single or group of persons ‘ Acts of the Apostless and societal forces. Individual act is a map of societal procedure ; hence, it characterizes consciousness of persons. Percept, on the other manus, is a map of comparative civilization. Belief, ethical motives, moralss form the foundation of human perceptual experience and its value varies from one societal context to other. Social imaginativeness relates to the civilization.

Personal beliefs, values, or attitudes # 2

My societal location is hapless category in India. Belief, ethical motives, imposts relate to orthodox Hindu faith. This civilization determines my societal context. Hindu faith believes cattles are sacred animate beings. On the other manus, Muslims of the society forfeit cattles in the name of their faith. Social imaginativeness is to do protest to this pattern and halt giving cattles in the name of faith.

Personal beliefs, values, or attitudes # 3

I am a Palestinian young person, spend the life in the ghetto in poorness ; this is my societal location. Belief, ethical motives, imposts and moralss relate to cardinal Muslim civilization. Social context is formed by the cardinal civilization. I perceive that Israel is the cause of my personal jobs. Social imaginativeness is to alter Israeli attitude toward Palestinians. That is manner ; I am a member of Hamaz political party.

Personal beliefs, values, or attitudes # 4

Social location rich, male, in-between aged, an Arab, and an proprietor of an industry that feeds 300 households. I believe my fiscal place is critical for the well being of employees. However, due to the economic downswing, the works has stopped several employee support activities and has reduced salary by 15 % . Employees are faulting me for their personal fiscal jobs. Employees are besides faulting that the proprietor has non reduced ain disbursals. Employees have taken vows to contend me back. My societal imaginativeness is to stamp down these new societal forces with the aid of state ‘s jurisprudence enforcement bureau.


Sociological imaginativeness to a certain extent accepts Marx ‘s struggle theory and agrees that society is divided into disconnected categories with several societal, political and economic power. Conflict arises when a category or group feels societal forces from other categories. Social imaginativeness theory recognizes that societal behaviour is a consequence of societal civilization.

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