Society’s Corruptions

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We will never live in a “perfect” world. Everything either has major or minor corruptions to keep it from perfection. If we lived in a perfect world there would be no pain, crime, war, etc. As for our country, there are many problems within its system such as separation between church and state, gas prices, and the political parties. America was founded on the basis that we could practice whatever religion we believed in. But over centuries, we have lost sight of that. Politicians and representatives have always said that there should be a separation between church and state, yet our constitution was founded on the basis of God.

Our prayers and national anthem, or anything significant to this country has God included in it. People are letting their religion get in the way of making decisions best for our country and the people in it. For example, in the public school systems students have a time to say the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence. If students choose to not participate in the pledge, which includes the belief of God, the students were punished. In my eyes, if the church and state are separate, students should not be required to participate or be punished if they chose not to.

Another issue with the corruption of America’s society is the gas prices. Prices of gas have gone up when there is no reason for them to. America has our own oil rig that will last our country for years to come, so why do we import most of our oil? We are in debt enough as it is and it makes us look like our country would not survive without the help of other countries. Some people believe that we went to the war against Iraq because of their oil supply, which I might add is not the case. The increase of gas prices also affects our economy.

The higher the prices get, the less people travel and drive. That has a huge impact on whether or not businesses thrive. America is a big country and people love to travel, and gas prices restrict the freedom of people. The political party system has also lost its way over the years. Even though people think there are only two parties, they are mistaken. There are a few more. Most people are just more for either Republican or Democrats. But the viewpoints of the parties have become so extreme that people are losing their way between the two.

Views of Republicans have become religious and hypocritical. They say that there should be a difference between church and state, yet most of the things they argue about they say “go against God”. America, as you can see, is the furthest thing from a perfect world. These are just a few examples of my discontent of this country to which I call home. I am defiantly not proud to be an American, especially if things continue in the direction they are currently in. Honestly, there is no such thing as a perfect society.

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