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Housing has a strong relationship between the society, economic sciences and policy. These three elements overlap to give lodging an individuality as a field of survey and a professional subject that can be pursued by persons to better the live of humanity.

This paper attempts to analyze how these three elements are linked and attempt to see how they both show up in lodging policies in modern states, with accent on the United Kingdom.

Economics & A ; Housing

Housing is a really of import facet of each state ‘s economic system. “ Housing investing is widely recognized as a prima index for the concern rhythm. ” ( Smith & A ; Beverly, 2010 )

Housing investing is an of import portion of investing amongst the assorted units of a state ‘s economic system viz authoritiess, concerns and families. This is because provinces are required to do lodging agreements for their citizens whilst concerns seek to hive away up wealth in a venture that is certain to appreciate in value. Persons besides have a natural demand to be sheltered from the vagaries of the conditions so they end up either paying rent or purchasing a house. All these units of economic systems spend significant sums of their income and stocks of capital on lodging.

This is accurately depicted in Blackwell ‘s Companion to the Economicss of Housing: The Housing of the Wealth of Nations as follows: “ At the morning of the 20 first century, on the crest of a moving ridge of place monetary value grasp, the wealth of states appears to be accumulated faster through lodging than any other manner ” ( Smith & A ; Beverly, 2010 )

This goes a long manner to state us that states are roll uping more of their wealth in lodging because lodging is a concern venture that continues to increase in value and barely falls in its worth. Businesss, in their thrust to diversify their investings and acquire a dependable beginning of income besides end up hive awaying up a batch of their wealth in lodging to guarantee that they safeguard their investings and acquire a certain and stable beginning of gross to look up to. Persons besides see the demand to put in a venture that would vouch them shelter or supply a regular beginning of income through rental aggregations.

So it is really evident that lodging in every economic system has a strong relationship with the investing options available to the assorted units of the economic system. It is hence conclusive that lodging is a strong constituent for every state ‘s economic system and the province of lodging can impact and be affected by the economic state of affairs of a state.

Social Issues in Housing

Housing has elements that affect the societal cloth of the society ( Harriot, 1998 ) . This facet is more related to the people who consume lodging resources. This is because harmonizing to Kemeny, lodging provides persons more than merely shelter. Housing provides an person or family a base to associate with the larger society they live within. Housing besides goes a long manner to impact and be affected by the societal scene of a state.

Balchin identified nine chief countries that link lodging to societal issues in a modern-day society. They include:


Regional disparities and jobs

Uniform regeneration

Social exclusion

Housing and Community Support

Housing and the Aged

Gender and lodging

Minorities and lodging


Housing is seen in most civilizations as a societal necessity. It is hence imperative for the society to guarantee that lodging is available to people a monetary value that they can pay for without experiencing it earnestly. It is hence of import that lodging does non take up all the money of an person or family because although most house proprietors hold their belongingss to maximise net incomes, it is necessary for them to accept the fact that society expects them to guarantee that monetary values are non so high for people to afford. In most societies, the authorities comes in to step in through a lodging policy that keeps monetary values low-cost to renters.

In a state where there are huge differences between parts of the state, there is the demand to promote migration and development of less developed countries. For this to be successful there is the demand for a lodging undertaking to be instituted to guarantee that the right labor force to travel into disadvantaged countries to guarantee that development occurs at that place and there are optimization of resources at that place every bit good. This is frequently done through a lodging policy that ensures an just development of antecedently developing countries.

As lodging undertakings are used to pull the right harvest of people into an country, there is a more unvarying distribution of resources in the state ‘s development and this brings about a better and healthier economic system. In Britain, reference can be made of lodging undertakings that were intentionally executed in the Midlands at the bend of the twentieth Century to guarantee that more people moved up north to work in the industries that provided goods and services to the British Empire when it was at its extremum.

Social Exclusion has to make with good disturbances and independent communities that are booming. Such communities might necessitate really small authorities policy intercession in footings of lodging because they can finance their ain activities. This besides makes manner for a more just development of a state and a better distribution of wealth amongst the people of a society.

Besides, some communities have echt demands for societal support services. Some of these societal support services include districting to guarantee that of import sectors of a state ‘s societal activities like historic sites, schools, spiritual sites and community Centres are safeguarded in the development of communities. This is because traveling by the normal capitalist mentality where the rich can get any belongings with the highest command, most of these of import societal activities would be priced out by other income bring forthing entities though they are important to development. It is hence necessary for a state to hold a manner of step ining to guarantee that these societal services are guaranteed infinites and edifices for those intents.

Senior members of the community need particular attending and support due to their wellness position and particular demands, which vary from individual to individual. It is hence imperative for the province to guarantee that the demands of older members of the community are honoured in relation to their particular demands.

Besides, the gender demands of members of the community come with the demand for societal considerations in lodging. Peoples have demands based on their gender and position in society. These demands must be taken into history in lodging undertakings to guarantee that edifices serve the people for which they are built.

Some spiritual and cultural groups have alone demands. Events like festivals and other spiritual demands must be incorporated into the layout of a lodging undertaking. For case a Judaic community needs absolute lull in Friday darks and Saturdays during their Sabbath observations. A Muslim community will besides necessitate a really orderly society during the fast period of Ramadan and so forth. Most immigrants have different cultural, spiritual and ideological traits that must be respected. Therefore, it is of import for lodging units and entities to hold ways of hearing the curious demands of minorities and find ways of integrating them in the edifices and environments they put up through their lodging undertakings.

Besides a province demands to hold a program to house its stateless people. Since citizens of states have the right to shelter, it is imperative for states to do agreements to supply lodging for its citizens who have no places.

These points explained above creates a sort of nexus between the societal demands of people in a state and how they relate to lodging. It is conclusive that based on societal demands of persons in society, there is the demand for the authorities to step in in its lodging sector to guarantee that its citizens get entree to reasonable lodging ( Marsh & A ; Mullins, 1998 ) .

Government Intervention in Housing

Governments respond to social-housing demands through several agencies like lodging ordinance and revenue enhancement ( Marsh & A ; Mullins, 1998 ) .

Harmonizing to King ( 2009 ) , there are several ways the authorities intervenes in lodging finance. These intercessions are meant to assist persons in achieving their societal demands through lodging. They include:

Government subsidies to house proprietors: In this instance, authoritiess subsidize parts of the houses persons purchase, peculiarly in the instance of a first place. This promotes affordability and ensures that the job of homelessness is solved amongst citizens of the state.

Household income used to keep edifices are given revenue enhancement considerations: In many cases, people are given capital allowances and revenue enhancement vacations on their single income that is spent to mend or keep their places. This encourages people to salvage on their disbursals on lodging and encourages the societal demands of people in society.

Support for mortgage loaners and fiscal establishments: Through this, authorities and other societal establishments are able to supply the needed finance to place finance, lodging societies and other establishments that support people in their commands to ain houses. This thought enables people to ain places without truly experiencing it.

Promoting the storage of wealth in lodging: The authorities provides ways of promoting people to hive away up their wealth in lodging. This means that they guarantee that revenue enhancement and fiscal ordinances encourages people to have lodging in front of other signifiers of investings, which might non be every bit of import to the state when compared to the societal demands that lodging provides to the state.

Government ordinance of lodging and bounds like ordinance and rent control: This encompasses authorities intercession in the lodging industry of the state through the establishments of Torahs that safeguard the societal demands of the people of the state. There are several ways this is done. Some of the most common 1s are districting ordinances, authorities directives and legislative instruments by local authoritiess that regulate edifice and other landed belongings. Besides, in footings of tenant-landlord relationships, authoritiess come in by manner of rent controls and topographic point limitations where renters ( who are citizens of the state ) are being exploited in footings of their leases.

Areas of Intervention in British Housing Policy

Jointly, a state must hold a lodging policy. The lodging policy as explained by Black & A ; Stafford is a witting attempt by the authorities and its stakeholders to guarantee that lodging resources are supplied and consumed in a manner that provides optimal satisfaction for all stakeholders.

A lodging policy incorporates the economic demands of landlords and the societal demands of renters and other related parties in a manner that both parties are reasonably protected without being exploited in their interaction.

In the United Kingdom, this Balchin & A ; Rhoden place the political attack used by the authorities to explicate a lodging policy have the undermentioned elements:

Housing Needs: The demand for there to be houses to shelter people and besides the demand for the edifice and rehabilitation of these edifices.

Welfare regimes: There is the demand for the societal demands of renters and ordinary members of the state to be sought so this is identified and incorporated into lodging policy of the state.

Development of a lodging policy: The lodging policy of a state is formulated by debating on elements of points 1 and 2.

Labour and Conservative Divergence: The differences between the chief political positions of the state are debated and argued out exhaustively in relation to points 1, 2 and 3. These differences find their manner into Britain ‘s lodging policy based on which of the political political orientations is in power at a given point in clip.

The Housing Policy of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: The local lodging policies of these countries of the United Kingdom are incorporated into the chief lodging policy of the UK. For most parts of the past century, lodging in these units of Britain have received many concerns based on equal distribution of resources and equity.


Housing is a critical portion of every state ‘s economic system. It is seen as an appropriate avenue for the shop of wealth in a state. However, persons who inhabit these houses have societal demands. Most of these demands can be attained by authorities intercession in the lodging industry of a state. Government and societal intercession in lodging brings about a lodging policy. In the UK, lodging policy is influenced by five chief elements which include: the economic demands of landlords, the societal demands of renters, an interaction of the demands of landlords and renters, political positions of Labour and Conservatives every bit good as lodging demands from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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