Society Constantly Tries to Change Your Sense of Self Essay

Our individuality is a corporate set of behavioral and personal features that defines an person as a whole. But where does our individuality really come from? Does it come from within that makes us who we are. or is it the environment and the people in it that finally mould our individuality? In this address. I will seek to analyze and explicate how society affects our personal individuality and invariably attempts to alter it. But to foremost reply this inquiry. we have figure out what the societal norms of society really are.

Examples of societal norms include being polite. handling people on a higher position with more regard. and even endow giving during Christmas is considered a societal norm. On a subconscious degree. society teaches us and has taught us what is right. how to dress. how to move. etc. which is all considered normal. And it is through these made up regulations which influences us to alter ourselves to break tantrum into society. But when an individual’s behavior and actions perverts excessively far from what is by and large considered normal in society. so inquiries are raised and that individual is looked upon really otherwise.

There are many instances where Alice does non conform to the ordinances of society and therefore is given uneven expressions by people around her. An illustration of this is when it was a History frock up twenty-four hours at her primary school. and as people would anticipate. she would have on a frock. But alternatively her Dendranthema grandifloruom dressed her up in a Chinese Traditional Mao suit as she did non have any frocks. This causes her category mates to do merriment of her and her instructor to give her uneven expressions. This made Alice experience bad about herself. as she did non make the outlooks of society.

So much so. that Alice attempts to accommodate and alter her ain individuality so that she can conform to the Australian Society. Media in society. particularly in Western society. is one of the most powerful factors that influence an individuality. Because people in society are invariably being surrounded by the media. we allow it to make stereotypes that change the manner we think and act. Specific illustrations of how the mass media shapes the single individuality can be found in modern societal motion such as cults. reserves motions in the United States. Al Qaeda and more late the rebellion of the Kony candidates.

These motions were able to distribute and pull followings. non because of the built-in message of the groups. but more significantly because of the message in the media and how it came to be accepted as a truth in that specific society. This aided in the formation of the different individuality of the persons. This power of media in society is really influential in many ways. even to Alice. The media helped Alice in her teenage old ages understand the Australian Culture. Alice’s teenage old ages were a peculiarly major turning point in her life for her household. civilization. and besides her societal life.

For illustration. through her magazines. she became more accustomed to the involvements of other misss her age and therefore this helped her to do new friends with similar involvements. On a personal degree. I steadfastly agree that society does hold an impact on individuality. My household and I are from Fiji. so coming to Australia we could see the noticeable differences between the two societies. Just like Alice and her household. it took us a piece to acquire used to the many new and different things that this new society had to offer. I guess subconsciously through the people around us and the media. we easy adapted to our new society.

I believe that school and the new friends I made at that clip played a important portion in altering me and my individuality. We didn’t truly experience how we had changed until we went back to Fiji for vacations. We had a good clip at that place. but we didn’t acquire that “back home” feeling. This is because life in the Australian society for a piece caused us to accommodate and alter our personal individualities to go a portion of the civilization around us. I believe that my state of affairs is parallel to Alice as her siblings. her pa and Alice herself had wholly conformed to their new milieus.

This is a complete antonym to her female parent who did non confront much of her new society and largely stayed place. She could non talk English and she could non understand why people were so different in the new society. Society plays a immense function in the development of the ego in the universe of today. We are ever exposed to many people. topographic points. communities and assorted signifiers of media that causes us to blossom or. in some instances cause us to conceal who we truly are. The sense of ego is yours and yours entirely. but the combined powers of these outside beginnings are decidedly determining us to go something different from who we are.

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