Social Theory And Education

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Society and education are closely intertwined. Contemporary educational such as behaviorism, cognitivism and constructionism emphasize the fundamental influence of social factors in education and learning. Since social theory studies that interaction of individuals and its significance to social standards, phenomena and institutions and since education acts in the said functions, there is evidence of the validity of studying education using social theory.

The significance of social theory does not only apply in basic educational systems but also can be applied in advanced or professional studies. Leonardo (2004) points out that incorporation of social theory in educational standards creates a system that is responsive to the needs of society and thus will be able to serve its primary purpose as a tool for social orientation.

In a similar research, Zimmer-Gembeck and Mortimer (2006) that the significance of social factors can be critical in developing interventions to promote a subject’s responsiveness to educational programs particularly among subjects for whom social interaction is the main avenue of orientation. In the practice of community based education programs, administrators realized that their approach had to suit the unique social conditions and characteristics of the community for effective communication (DeWitt, 2003)

There is a realization that education affords society the tools to establish itself in individuals not only by instruction but also by the experience of education that then is translated to the manner by which education is applied or practiced. It therefore provides the foundation for social response, reaction and development. Therefore, it is critical that administrators, educators and students realize that education has critical implications from and impacts to society that makes understanding social theory a competency in education.

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