social studies chapter 8 social studies

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Wilderness Road trail into Kentucky that Daniel Boone helped build
republic people choose representatives to govern them
Articles of Confederation document adopted by the Continental Congress in 1777 and finally approved by the states in 1781 that outlined the form of government in the new U.S.
Land Ordinance of 1785 law that established a plan for surveying and selling the federally owned lands west of the Appalachian Mountains
Northwest Territory land covered by the Land Ordinance of 1785, which included land that formed the states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota
Northwest Ordinance described how the Northwest Territory was to be governed and set conditions for settlement and settlers' rights
Shay's Rebellion an uprising of debt-ridden Massachusetts farmers in 1787
Constitutional Convention a meeting held in 1787 to consider changes to the Articles of Confederation; resulted in the drafting of the Constitution
James Madison able delegate who read more than 100 books on government in preparation for the Constitutional Convention
Virginia Plan plan that proposed a government with three branches and a two-house legislature in which representation would be based on a state's population or wealth
New Jersey Plan plan that proposed a one-house legislature in which each state would have one vote
Great Compromise agreement to establish a two-house national legislature with all states having equal representation in one house and each state having representation based on its population in the other house
Three-fifths Compromise agreement to count three-fifths of a state's enslaved population for the purposes of representation and taxation
Federalism a system of government in which power is shared between the central (or federal) government and the states.
Federalists The people who supported the Constitution
Anti-federalists People who opposed the Constitution
The Federalist papers Federalists who wrote essays to answer the Anti-Federalists attacks
George Mason Insisted that a Bill of Rights be added to the constitution before he would ratify it.
Bill of Rights The first ten amendments to the constitution.

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