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The best manner to analyze societal categories and the diverseness of such in a civilization would be to get down by specifying what societal category is. In order to do a more accurate survey. it was portion of my method to interview person with existent exposure to this type of societal strata. I believe that on questioning him. a existent true-to-life and accurate first-hand observation may be given. As. he was an Armenian. I place this civilization as my footing and criterion.

Now. to get down would be to specify what societal category is. His best definition would be a separation of people based on the sum of money a household holds. This would so order their categorization and position in society. The sum of money they would hold as a kin would function as a footing for their position and how they are placed by the general populace.

Basically. the greater sum of wealth possessed by a household garnered from their concern and labour. the higher their position in society and in the societal strata. The lone exclusion to this would be those involved in the Mafia or similar fly-by-night dealing. whereas the beginning of money is dubiously from occupations of ill-repute. These would so hold the household classified as being portion of corrupt political relations. and may give the household a bad name despite the sum of wealth.

In the civilization under survey. I saw the categorization was fundamentally between the hapless and rich. There was a broad separation between these two. as in-between category was little in measure. It is a widespread phenomenon and a societal stratum that is of general cognition throughout the state. Families that are portion of the rich may be those that ain places and have equal beginnings of H2O and installation. They would be the 1s who would have on more apparels. be seen to transport themselves with more “class” . and in fact those who would be the 1s who hire people from the lower categories as their retainers or employees.

Those who are non. viz. the hapless. would be those in the more engorged countries and towns. where luxuries such as het H2O are non within entree. They would be the general multitudes and rabble who live twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours merely seeking to do a life and acquire by. Because of the broad separation between rich and hapless. there is few in-between category. The differentiation between the strata is apparent. Either one is among the select who are born into comfort and of that more comfy environment. or one is born into the unsmooth existent universe where the swot of mundane life involves attempt. blood. perspiration and cryings.

The trouble with the societal category system is that it is an apparent beginning of unfairness and inequality amongst the people. For illustration. when you get in problem with the constabulary. rich people ever acquire off after they pay the constabulary through bribery/ On the other manus. hapless people go to gaol. The fact that the rich have more wealth. most particularly due to their separation from the hapless by a broad border. gives them the power to roll freely with more privilege and lenience to flex regulations set by the authorities.

They have the power to populate above the jurisprudence and travel things to their advantage because of the money that they possess. It is besides within their range to be treated with a dual criterion. where the hapless may be treated as normally guilty and less trusted. while the rich acquire off the hook. The rich are the 1s more likely to be driving autos nevertheless they will non be fined for overspeeding and the similar. The hapless nevertheless may non be perpetrating the offense but will be under greater suspect. because of the fact that they are hapless.

There are besides other disadvantages to this system. The hapless stay hapless and acquire poorer. The rich stay amongst themselves and remain rich. There is a huge separation and no room for acquiring better. The deficiency of instruction stays the same and there is no room for growing. As the wealth corsets within the rich. it is really difficult for the hapless to promote themselves to a higher criterion. and by virtuousness of their birth into the hapless. they stay hapless. It is merely the rich who have benefits and remain within them.

This was once more reiterated during my interview. The interviewee being of the richer strata stated that because he was from a wealthier community. he and all those with him knew that they would stay affluent. Besides. by populating in a affluent country. they had a clean and beautiful location. which was patrolled by constabulary for top security. among a battalion of other benefits.

The division spreads all over the topographic point as another illustration of its consequence is its extent to the workplace. The rich people have better occupations in concern regardless of their degree of instruction because it’s who they know non what they know and the hapless work in mills or make non work at all.

In footings of schooling. everyone is allowed equal chance to schooling. However. once more because of the sum of resources. merely the rich childs can go on to larn in college so hapless childs are stuck with high school degree instructions. The rich are college educated and the hapless are high school educated. that is. if they stay in school in the first topographic point. Because nevertheless they are on the streets. the hapless have better accomplishments instead than knowledge. Now late. a alteration is gazing to go on with more scholarships given out to poorer kids.

However. this can merely make so much. As there is a widespread division between the rich and hapless. the sum of uneducated common people is widespread and the entree that the hapless have to a opportunity of elating their criterion is little. The educational system although provided for all still is one that is founded on fiscal capableness. hence still providing largely to maintain the higher criterion of the rich. and maintaining unaccessible to the hapless.

In footings of political relations. it is the same. It’s non what you know it’s who you know in Armenian political relations. Even though a democratic vote system is in topographic point. there still is excessively much corruptness where the lower categories voice is non heard. The rich have money and money defines the power that they have. Due to the fact that they have money. they can maneuver the economic system in a manner that their sentiments are more listened to and theirs are followed more. Plus. due to the fact that it is they who are more educated. they are able to utilize this to their advantage.

The point here is non merely that they have more control. It is besides the fact that due to their control. they can set hinderance to the country’s growing. as alternatively of apportioning wealth and determination to the growing of the hapless. the expansion of the in-between category. the decrease of the hapless. their attempt are maintained on maintaining the rich with the rich. The economic system is on a standstill and there is no advancement.

The lone exclusion to all these divisions would be that of faith. As believed. all work forces are equal in God’s eyes. and here there are no prejudices. Under the eyes of their God. all work forces. rich or hapless. are similar and are his kids.

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