Social Norm Violation.Entering one’s Apartment without Knocking Essay Essay

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Social Norm Violation. Entering one’s Apartment without Knocking


Barkow. ( 1978 ) defined societal norms as behaviors that the society expects from its wonts. Therefore. when people demonstrate these societal norms in the populace. the society observes them with satisfaction and credence. Consequently. when the societal norms are violated or confused. people react queerly or go irritated. For the societal norm misdemeanor assignment. I had a pool of thoughts. walking on the incorrect side of the pathway. reading in the lift. eating sloppily and so on. However. my desire was to go against a norm that will do me move in the most insouciant manner.

However. for this assignment. I decided to go against the societal norm of come ining into people’s flat without seeking their welcome or without strike harding at their doors. Typically. in my society people knock at the door and delaies patiently for a response from the proprietors of the flat. Ideally. one will wait until person responds “come inn” before stepping inside the flat. Therefore. I made up my head and entered the flat without strike harding. Besides. I decided to move comfortably like the occupants or renters of the flats that I could do myself at place.

So. to do certain that I could non be accused of trespass or come ining someone’s place as a alien. I decided to inquire my friend Daniel to maintain me company. Previously. I had visited his flat on one juncture with another schoolmate for a dinner. At this minute. it was obvious that I was non a frequent visitant of the flat to comfortably experience at place or walk in without strike harding at the door.

When I decided to implement my experiment for the anthropology category. I decided to take to his flat. As I approached his door. I was a small spot shaken of what will transpirate one time I was in the house. Furthermore. his blinds were shut and. hence. it was hard to foretell whether he was at place or I would happen Sam. his friend whom they stay with. After a standstill exterior on the door for a twosome of proceedingss. I managed to cite equal bravery and eventually entered. My experience when I entered was amazing. Immediately after I stepped inside the house. the room went on a soundless manner. It seemed that his household members were in the center of delicate or confidential information and had no marks of go oning in my intruding or presence. I had kept for a twosome of seconds before I inquired if Daniel was place. Fortunately. he was in the backyard screening some staff. One of his household members rushed to acquire him as I remained seated with the remainder of his household members. Notably. they still wore a lurid expression on their faces because I kept myself at place by comfortably acquiring seated on the church bench. Honestly. they appeared rather annoyed as I could detect from the experience contemplation point of position ( Holy & A ; Stuchlik. 2006 ) . When Daniel approached. I had already prepared a inquiry to inquire him and go the awkward flat.

Throughout the experiment. my experience remained awkward. and I remained ashamed of my act. In truth. I was idealess that misdemeanor of such a little social norm of strike harding before come ining to one’s flat could badly disquieted people or the dwellers. However. I was confident because my friend Daniel was good cognizant of my purposes. Subsequently in the eventide. I called him and requested him to explicate to his household members that it was a class experiment for my university surveies. I hope he explained the state of affairs to and the information for this assignment to his household members so that my repute can be rehabilitated in their heads and salvaged. At the terminal of the experiment. I realized that people get awfully annoyed. confused and even demo their choler if you enter their flat without their cognition. a sentiment every bit observed by Hamnett. ( 2007 ) . Even though I felt eldritch interrupting the societal norm. I concluded that my eldritch feelings represented all that was go oning than the specific act of go againsting the norm. I have to squeal that it was non gratifying at first. but it did help me recognize how people in my society value the protection of their societal norms. It is something I would ne’er try to make by pick. and if I spot person making the act. I will experience so eldritch and disappointed in him or her.


It is comparative to advert that the experience of go againsting the societal norm through come ining into Daniel’s flat without strike harding was uncomfortable and abashing. However. I enjoyed the experience after the household members of the flat salvaged my repute. When I went back on a normal visit. we revisited our experiences with tonss of merriment. Honestly. I subsequently learned that the experiment was gratifying. It is interesting norm in my society that is good safeguarded for ethical intents in the society. Overall. it was a virtuous experience. be aftering it made me dying and nervous but one time I implemented it I gained the experience.


Barkow. J. H. ( January 01. 1978 ) . Social norms. the ego. and sociobiology: Building on the thoughts of A. I. Hallowell. Current Anthropology. Hamnett. I. ( 2007 ) . Social anthropology and jurisprudence. London: Academic Press.

Holy. L. . & A ; Stuchlik. M. ( January 01. 2006 ) . Anthropological information and societal world. Anthropology in Theory: Issues in Epistemology.

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