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Depending on each person’s preference, also the majority of friends and family, who access he same site, plays a significant role. The most popular website that is access regularly is Backbone. Website can share, communicate, and advertise information on a personal and business level. As a team, we felt this site has been a trend in the social networking world. Backbone is the dominant social network platform used by 57 percent of all adults and 73 percent of all those aged 12 to 17 in the U. S. (Smith, 2014).

We will give some insights on how Backbone has now become one of the most successfully networking tools used around the world. The experience Elmer had on Passbook’s web site is e felt that its most valuable tool it offered was being able to communicate through technology. He said, ‘We tend to have busy lives, especially a busy schedule. ” Talking with family and friends can be very challenging. Backbone has made it more convenient to communicate through internet access worldwide. Accessing through multiple devices has made it that much easier. Methods include computers, smartness, tablets and smart TV’s.

Having the capability to pick up the phone and communicate, it

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takes away the interaction. The website can be addicting, which can be on people list of the most important thing to do. Ken enjoyed his experience using Backbone because it gave him the power to share and make the world more open and connected. The “Like and dislike” feature was a beautiful feature to have to Stay updated with new products. It was easy to use and very user-friendly. All you needed to do was to go on Passbook’s website sign up your name, email, new and password, sex and birthday foe the registration.

Ken used Backbone many times during military deployment to stay in contact with his family, and it helped him remove the isolation of the users from other geographical locations. One of the biggest strengths of Backbone, it can be used for heritable events to raise social awareness and promote funds for donations. He has used it a few times by organizing a Backbone page with a link for donations to a sick employee at work. Backbone has been a fun experience over the years to use to re-establish old friendships and associates. Darnel initially joined Backbone to look at something one of my military friends had posted.

His friend posted something concerning a house that he had built. In order to see the post, Darnel had to create a Backbone account. Little did he realize what was in store for him over the next several days? Within seven says of creating a Backbone account, he had over 200 friends on the site. People that, I had not seen or talk to for over 20 years are now a part of the circle of friends on Backbone. For Koala, she is a Backbone user, and she uses Backbone to connect with people she has lost touch with over the years and to post status updates about her life.

Her most recent experience with posting a status update on Backbone happened on Friday. She had long hair for 26 years, and she had her hair cut into a short bob. She wrote a review of the experience she had while getting her hair cut. She included pictures so ere friends could see her new haircut. Many of her Backbone friends liked her post and added comments. Daringness experience with Backbone, he found that there were many aspects in which he was able to keep in touch with friends and family.

Backbone communicates on a wider range because of the mobile internet we have with handheld devices. It even makes viewing pictures, responses, and comments from others a whole lot easier while on the go and at their leisure. Each of these aspects allows you the chance to keep holding on to a connection to each of people on your friend list. Cultural acceptance and quick adaptability to a new technology, such as online social networking make all things possible; especially when big businesses are funding the efforts.

The desire to participate in a new technology evolution has become a cultural pattern. Throughout history from the telegraph to social networking sites of today, the cultural hype associated with the promises of new technology is expected. Backbone has certain content matter that is highly significant to users needs. Firstly, the interface is immensely personal. Backbone produces a platform that individuals can organize their individuality based on different applications, join particular group pages, and interact with other friends in order to maintain close social networks.

Web- based social networking services make it possible to connect people who share interests and activities across political, economic, and geographic borders (Restore). Backbone and other social networking tools are increasing the Object Of scholarly research. Scholars in many fields have begun to investigate the impact of social-networking sites, investigating how such sites may play into issues of identity, privacy, social capital, youth culture, and education (Restore). Several websites are beginning to tap into the power of the social nonworking model for philanthropy (Wall Street Journal website).

Such models provide a means for connecting otherwise fragmented industries and small organizations without the resources to reach a broader audience with interested users. Social networks are providing a different way for individuals to communicate digitally. Social networking sites have become a common tool to use, especially for the less mature generation. It has become the main tool to use to communicate with others. Social networking ties that individuals use today commonly are Backbone, Twitter, and Keep (Nonages, 2010).

Ana Nonages, a clinical psychologist, performed a study of the effects of interaction online versus face-to-face. Nonages found the complete interpretation of what is missing when a person is communicating in non- face-to-face interactions (Nonages, 2010). Reading an individual’s body language, voice inflection, and facial expression will provide different meaning to the words (Nonages, 2010). With a variety of online social networking sites, diversity places an important role. Members are from all over the globe. Culture values that need to be reinforced or challenged are personal privacies.

Backbone users are cautious about revealing their personal information online. Most of the sites require personal information to sign up. Social networking sites do not charge members; they have the support of advertisers or companies who want to offer free gifts, coupons, etc. Companies want to know what the latest trends are. They offer different surveys to get any information that can lead to personal and private information. Children need to be educated by their parents, on how to cautiously utilize social networking and media. There are also needs to be stronger privacy tools within social networking sites.

Giving economic value to social networks is the new Holy Grail in advertising and the media (Nassau, 2010). We have to be aware Of social networking from trying to access our personal information. Social networking is one of the most popular ways of communicating with one another. Social networking will dominate the future by how people interact with each other. An example of this is people may stop having face to face contact with each other, but instead there will be a “Keep Session. ” A “Keep Session,” is when people et on the internet and have a video conference with one another.

Websites such as Backbone and Twitter may change the human language is written and spoken. Social Networking is in commercials for television and radio; the language has become a social normality. (Ellison, N. 8. , Steindler, C. And Lamps, C. 2007) “Social Networking provides benefits to individuals with low self-esteem and low life satisfaction. ” Some people find it easier to express themselves and communicate with one another on social networking sites compared to face to face interaction. Since people can Stay in touch with rinds and family over social networking, the need to travel may not be as high.

Social networks are performing significant roles. Enlighten of all things, we can get the most recent information from friends or family at the click of a button. Social networks are not only a boon; it allows everyone to know washes going on in this digital information world. Using this technology wisely is recommendable for achieving all the advantages it offers. Currently, there are “six agents of colonization, family, school, the peer group, the mass media and technology, the workplace, religion and the state. ” (Schaefer, 2011). The remarry out of the six agents is family.

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