Social Media Marketing Exam

Two Purposes of Social Publishing Strategies
1)to increase the exposure to the brand’s message
2)to use the content to drive traffic to the brand’s owned media
Two Strategies
1.Search engine optimization (SEO)
2. Social media optimization (SMO)
On-Site Search engine optimization (SEO)
-Optimizing content value
-Using tags
-Keywords (target and density)
-Titles/ alt
Off-Site Search engine optimization (SEO)
Publishing Related Content elsewhere with links back to original Linkwheel structure.
-increase likability
On-Site Social media optimization (SMO)
-Using share tools (tagging, bookmarking)
-Including RSS feeds/ help content travel (and reward)
Off-Site Social media optimization (SMO)
-Social news and bookmarking
-Microblog posts
-Social media press releases
Getting live web feeds directly to your computer

-takes headlines down to your computer for quick scanning
-Integrating everything into one master page

Several themed websites create a circle of links.
Social Media Optimization examples
1. Social Blogs
2. Internet forums
3. Ratings
4. Weblogs
5. Podcasts
6. Social Bookmarking
7. Microblogging
8. Video
9. Wikis
10. Pictures
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