Social Media Marketing #3

A location-based network refers to a social network where the main purpose is:
users can share their location with friends
What is the primary reason that location based social networks include game mechanics in their features?
to increase user engagement
What is the most popular form of marketing on location-based social networks?
coupons, deals, and discounts
What is the most defining trend forecasted for mobile computing?
the ability of phones to track a person’s daily routine and serve them relevant ads
The voice and text message tools found on cell phones are examples of one-to-one communication
The marketing opportunities using location-based social networks are best for those companies with physical locations
Location-based offers are not an effective way to drive new customers to a business
Social media monitoring has evolved from a more passive approach to active interaction with consumers
Monitoring social media is only effective in preventing the spread of negative or damaging comments to a brand
It is important to identify quantitative KPIs based on social media marketing goals
The Net Promoter Score category of passives includes those most likely to damage a brand through negative word of mouth
A social media monitoring tool should be selected based on a brand’s social media marketing goals that will also determine metrics
What is the textbook definition of social media measurement?
the measurement of the volume of content and sentiment of a brand on the social web
A benchmark or baseline measurement is important because:
it acts as the standard against which all social media KPIs are measured
What must a brand do in order to make quantitative social media metrics useful?
it must tie each metric to a specific marketing goal
The Net Promoter Score:
measures the loyalty of a brand’s relationship with its customers
Microblogs have become an influential source of:
news and citizen journalism
Marketers should follow and participate in online discussion forums because:
they can be valuable sources of free product research, market research and focus groups
What is a social news site?
A site that lets users submit links to news stories or other web pages to be rank displayed
What is the most significant marketing impact of the growth of smartphones?
more people are accessing social networks with mobile devices
Why is ROI not considered an ideal qualitative measurement for social media?
it is difficult to tie increased sales to qualitative metrics like share of voice and sentiment analysis
Evaluation is important for measuring social media because:
it allows brands to determine insights and understandings that impact the social media strategies for achieving an organization’s goals
What is one primary disadvantage of free social media monitoring tools?
they provide a lot of information that can be overwhelming
One use of microblogging is to start a discussion or participate in an existing conversation
Posting links without titles are unlikely to generate responses on Twitter
It is important for a brand to identify the unique value it can bring to its Twitter followers
Internet discussion forums are a successor to local neighborhood bulletin boards
The use of ALL CAPS in a discussion forum is seen as the equivalent of shouting
The most important skill a moderator can possess is the ability to sniff out a troll
A Q&A site lets people pose questions and receive answers back from anyone knowledgeable enough to reply
[SHORT ANSWER] What are the five primary considerations for a company when crafting an effective Twitter channel?
1) self-promote cautiously
2) choose optimal tweet times
3) gather feedback
4) respond to questions
5) provide unique value
[SHORT ANSWER] Explain the three features found in most location-based social networks
1) each location may have a MAYOR, who checks into the location most frequently
2) users can earn BADGES by engaging in certain behaviors
3) Foursquare awards points for different things-checking in, adding a new venue, multiple check-ins, and checking in at a new place-and compiles LEADER BOARDS to track points
[SHORT ANSWER] Explain the six rules of Discussion Board Netiquette
1) stick to the topic
2) search before posting
3) use good grammar and capitalization
4) no feeding the trolls
5) do not post repetitively (or double post)
6) no sock puppets
[SHORT ANSWER] Explain the five steps for tracking social media content on the web
1) choose focus areas: brands should pick specific areas that they want to track and measure
2) select target-rich platforms: brands must measure the KPIs on platforms that their target audience uses the most
3) Identify appropriate keywords/phrases: some people on social networks will not know industry jargon, so brands must choose terms that an audience will know
4) restrict or widen the search: brands do this through Boolean operators in order to get the most specific search possible
5) adjust the searches: since a lot of monitoring is new, the search won’t be perfect the first time so brands must adjust or look at competitors to optimize searches
[SHORT ANSWER] Why is the growth of smartphones important for social media marketers?

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