Social Media Management

For SEO purposes, photos on a website should have what
Alt tags
Another name for hyperlinked keywords.
Anchor text
Stuffing a web page with hidden keywords is an example of what
Black-hat SEO
Google does not approve of which of these activities
Buying text-link ads
How much did Yahoo offer Zuckerberg to buy Facebook before he turned them down
One billion dollars
Which site is owned by Twitter
What is described as the pillar of Facebook that allows you to leverage connections between friends and brands
Graph Search
Which Facebook tool helps you montitor page activity
Facebook Insights
Match the term that most relates to LinkedIn
Discussions, promotions, members and jobs can be found in which section of LinkedIn
In which section of LinkedIn may companies collect reviews
Under products and services on the company’s page
For businesses on Twitter, the number of new followers you get each month defines your what
Follower Growth
What are the three “T’s” to consider when copywriting for the web
Teach, Tickle, Touch
As of September 2013, which site allows advertisers to pay to have their post appear at the top when followers log in
Bloggers should avoid controversial topics.
Facebook posts with what get up to 20 times more engagement
What would be a good use of a vlog
Do-it-yourself training
There is a higher percentage of blogs created by entrepreneurs than those created by corporations.
Having your website posted on a directory contributes to what
Off-page SEO
A good way for a group to collaborate, add and edit content on a topic is to use what
A wiki
Also known as a message board, which term describes an online discussion site
In what year did Facebook launch
You can follow as many profiles as you want on Twitter.
The third-party tool most like Google Alerts is what?
Which of these is the advertising service on Twitter that ensures your post is shown at the top of your follower’s feed?
Promoted Tweets
What is the purpose of a headline
To get the first sentence read
The Four U’s approach to writing headlines, subheads and bullets suggest the writing should be USEFUL, provide a sense of URGENCY, convey a UNIQUE idea and be ULTRA-SPECIFIC.
“To be or not to be…” from Shakespeare was used an example of what effective writing technique
Keep it simple
To get the benefit out of the feature, you need to ask
Why is it there?
In the lingo of direct-response copywriting, an offer is a
Call to action
When you are taking the buyer’s risk and shifting it over to yourself, you are using what effective writing technique
Offering a guarantee
One reason why you might need to write more copy than less in selling is when you are advertising a product that is
Unusual or unsought
For SEO, the most critical place for keywords on a web page is in the
Header/page title and first paragraph
Social media posts should be long if you are selling an unusual product.
For better SEO, instead of trying to stuff a web page with your top 10 keywords, you should instead do what?
Create a page dedicated to each keyword
Which online PR technique for being found is the most different from traditional PR?
Proper use of SEO
What is a key factor that helps improve the SEO of an online press release?
A headline with keywords
You should avoid including statistics and numbers in your online press releases.
Which social media platform does the Public Relations Society of America believe will overtake Facebook for online public relations importance?
According to Adam Mendelsohn (the former communications director for Gov. Schwarzenegger), crisis management in the digital age must be approached by…
Anticipating a response to an event before it occurs
Online press releases posted on multiple websites are prone to being flagged by crawlers because of the duplicate content rule.
Political public relations professionals view _____ as the most important social media platform.
Approximately how frequently should a company post a press release online?
To write “tweetable” press releases, your headline should:
be short
Which of the following was included in the predictions for PR in 2013?
Visual messages will become more important
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