Social media in Sport Marketing Chapter 2

Evolution of Sport Communication
There has been a shift in sports media from “controlling production and distribution of content; deciding the what, when, and where of audience consumption” to “fueled by new technology and defined by interactivity.”
The Old Model of Sport Communication
Newspapers and magazine, and then radio and television, feedback from audience was limited, news outlets controlled the agenda.
What year marked the first telegraph coverage of championship boxing?
The New Model of Sport Communication
Audience controls the agenda for the most part, fans began to digest media and games in new ways through streaming, etc. Social media is a large component of this shift.
Sport Marketing (Mullin, 2007, p.9)
“All activities designed to meet the needs and wants of sports consumers through exchange processes.”
Marketing through sport (p.29)
Refers to using sports to promote a specific good or product.
The Changing Landscape of Sport Marketing
Organizations now have an opportunity to engage in communication, collaboration, education, and/or entertainment with customers, prospective customers, employees, and other stakeholders (people who are affected by a company’s decision in some way).
Make a Plan and See it through (pg. 31)
The predicament where a lot of sport organizations think they can divulge a lot of money and effort into social media and earn quick results.
The Marketing Mix
relationships marketing and persuasion marketing.
The four Cs of Marketing
(Lauterborn, 1990)
(1) the product becomes what the consumer wants and needs, (2) the price becomes the cost of satisfying the want or need, (3) the place becomes convenience of buying, and (4) promotion becomes communication.
From product to consumer wants and needs (p. 33)
“If organizations listen to what their consumers are saying (their wants and needs), they can develop better products and services for them.
From price to cost to satisfy (p. 34)
takes into account a number of variables such as time, distance, or other activities consumers could be doing instead of buying the product or service
From place to convenience to buy (p.34)
Place is referred to as the stadium/arena, gym, golf course, etc (have specific purposes), convenience focuses on the consumer’s involvement in a product or service.
Promotion to communication (pg. 36)
Promotion is a one way message “look at what we want you to buy”, whereas communication gives consumers a way to voice their thoughts, both good and bad.
Relationship Marketing (pg. 36)
Marketing strategies that take place over time and are designed to establish and maintain a profitable, long-term relationship with a customer.
Social Penetration theory (pg. 38)
focuses on the various stages people experience when sharing with others and provides a framework for how relationships develop.
The 4 parts of social penetration theory (pg. 38)
orientation of interaction, exploratory affective exchange, affective exchange, and stable exchange stages
Orientation of interaction (pg. 38)
people sharing in small parts
Exploratory affective exchange (pg. 39)
people begin to let down their guard and share more personal information as they get to know one another
Affective exchange (pg. 39)
transition period that reflects individuals deciding which relationships are important and warrant continued development
Stable exchange (pg. 39)
where intimacy is is achieved and relationships strengthen
Engagement Theory (pg. 40)
Each time the customer is engaged, the emotional, psychological, or physical investment is strengthened between the consumer and the brand (Chaffey, 2007).
Persuasion Marketing (pg. 40)
designed to get people to take action (e.g. consumer flipping tickets and selling them).
Rational Model of Persuasion (pg. 41)
Beliefs + Values/Motives = Attitudes > Behavior
True or False: Persuasion marketing is usually a quick process? (pg. 41)

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