Social Marketing Quiz

Social Change
A change in social structure: when behavior patterns change in large numbers, and this change is visible and sustained
requires individuals to act
the activity, set of institutions, and process for

creating , communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that have value for

customers, clients, partners, and society

Exchange theory
people act out of self interest
but there is rarely an explicit, immediate payback for the target audience in social marketing
must offer benefits the target audience values
create value for al exchange parties
social marketing
influencing behaviors for social good

applies marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate, and deliver value in order to influnce target audience behaviors that benefit society as well as the target audience

Commonalities btwxt commercial and social marketing
customer orientation
exchange theory
marketing research throughout process
audiences are segmented
all 4Ps considered
What is the product in social marketing
anything that can be offered to satisfy a want or need,
the core benefit of behavior
goods or services you promote for adoption
additional product elements to assist
what is price in social marketing
the cost that the target market associates with adopting the desired behavior
What is place in social marketing
where and when the target market will perform the desired behavior, acquire any relatable tangible goals, and receive any associated services
What are the ten steps in the planning process
1.Bkgd, Purpose, Focus
2.Situation Analysis (prior/similar sich)
3.Target Audience
4.Objectives and Goals
5.Audience barriers, benefits, motivators, 6.competition
7.Positioning Statement
8.Develop 4Ps
9.Determine evaluation plan
10.Budget and funding
implementation plan
Why is the target audience selected before objectives and goals
they must be tailored to the target
Why is competition not identified in the situation analysis
because the behavior obj has not been set yet
Positioning statement
where you are relative to competition in the target’s mind
What are the four things you study when evaluating
What are the stages of change in the stages of change model
Pre contemplatin
Self-control theory
behaviors that require self control drain the individual so propose sequential versus simultaneous behaviors, informs behavior selection and goals
Self-perception theory
the more we engage people in a behavior category, the greater the chances they will sustain these behaviors and take on more, informs behavior selection and goals
Theory of reasoned action and Theory of planned behavior
Best predictor is intention
Intention determined by percieved benefits, costs, social norms
“Voter mapping” when canvassing, how will you get to your polling station?
Ecological Model
Changing Behaviors influenced by: individual factors, relaionship, community, societal, inspring 4Ps
Behavioral economics framework and nudge tactics
humans dont always behave rationally so we need to use concrete tactics to influence decisions
People are irrational
Place salad in the front so people are more likely to choose it inspring 4Ps
What are the six price tool tactics
For desired behavior
increase monetary benefits
increase nonmonetary benefits
decrease monetary benefits
decrease nonmontary benefits

For competing behavior
Increase monetary costs
Increase nonmonetary costs

What are some place tactics
Be more accesible than the competition
Be where the target audience spends time
Make the location closer
Make the location more appealing
What are the four major components of promotion
creative strategy
communications channel
Who are possible messengers in promotion
sole sponsor
midsteram audiences

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