Social marketing in sport and corporate social responsibility?

When did sports marketing occur?
What is social marketing?
It is a distinct marketing discipline that influences behaviours that will improve health, prevent injuries, protect the environment and contribute to communities – trying to benefit society rather than just create revenue (traditional marketing)
What does traditional marketing focus around?
Generating revenue
What does social marketing focus around
Social good
What does social marketing seek?
To influence social behaviours not to benefit the marketer but to benefit the target audience and the general society – focus on ceasing an activity rather than purchasing or consuming.
Examples of social marketing
Voting behaviour, seat belt use, bicycle helmet use, environmentally sustainable consumption
What is stage based social marketing?
It utalises all the marketing mix tools – research and analysis, segmentation, targeting, positioning and evaluation
What is social orientation?
Broadened evaluations of quality/success but not at their expense – different to social marketing
How do social marketing and sport relate?
Very limited activity as this is not a priority. It is a means to help promote educational and social ideals
When did the idea of social marketing and sports relation occur?
Baron von Coubertin – 1896 olympic games
What is social idea?
Playing sport for the various benefits (particularly health benefits)
What are some examples of social marketing and sport
Push play (NZ) – the idea is to get people in the country more physically active promoting health and cutting down health costs
What is corporate social responsibility?
The responsibilities of a business has beyond maximising its profits.
What do voluntary actions do for corporates
Further social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by law
What is an example of corporate social responsibility
The mystics (NZ netball team) with donating blood –> people will not only view the mystics more favourably when competing but it will also lead to more NZers donating blood
What are the outcomes of CSR?
Improved firm reputation, consumer satisfaction, attractiveness of a firm as an emplyer, organisation commitment among employees is increased
What are the outcomes of CSR in sport?
Merchandise consumption intentions and word of mouth intentions
What is community involvement of sports franchises?
Phinaltrophic activities, community outreach programmes (All blacks –> hospitals and schools), independent haritable foundations, youth education/health initatives
WHat does community involvement show?
Emotional connections with consumers
How does community involvement affect a firm
Improved reputation and positive publicity
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