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The societal construction of gender is embedded in the person, interactive, and institutional dimensions of our society. The pre conceived thoughts of gender stereotypes in Australia ‘s society have been structured for coevalss through all parts of the community. The issue of homosexualism and same sex matrimony can be a hard subject of treatment because it can impact a individual ‘s long held positions on gender and forces them to interrupt from the norm of what they ‘re used to. With the turning understanding and credence of gender outside of the norm, same sex matrimony has become a major political and social speaking point in recent old ages.

To understand the grounds behind pre conceived thoughts of gender stereotypes one must larn to distinguish between gender and sex. Sexual activity refers to ‘the biological differentiation between females and males ‘ ( Plummer 2010 ) while gender is ‘the societal facets of differences and hierarchies between male and female ‘ ( Plummer 2010 ) . Therefore, sex is merely the biological definition between a adult male and a adult female ; it is gender that shapes the manner in which we view ourselves and affects the determinations we make based on what we ‘should ‘ do. This is basically public presentation theories of gender and gender, which suggest that maleness, muliebrity and sexual penchant are non what people are but what they do ( West & A ; Zimmerman, 1987 ; Kimmel, 2008 ) . This helps to determine our positions on others based on gender. Although these positions are by and large ingrained within us through a life-time of societal interaction and societal constructions, it is possible to alter based upon the thought of human bureau. ‘Human bureau refers to the thought that human existences construct their universe though action and thoughts, and hence have the capacity to alter how they live through contemplation, group solidarity and societal battle ‘ ( Back, 2012, p. 65 ) . This theory provides grounds that it is possible for a society to alter its positions on homosexual matrimony even if it has opposed it for coevalss.

An person ‘s positions are drawn from societal constructions in topographic point. A major subscriber to these societal constructions is authoritiess and political policies. For illustration, in Australia, matrimony has merely of all time been allowed between a adult male and a adult female and same sex matrimony is against the jurisprudence. The is due to the Marriage Act 1961 and the recent 2004 give voicing alteration to the Act to specify matrimony as a brotherhood between a adult male and a adult female and that any bing same-sex matrimony from a foreign state is non to be recognised as a matrimony in Australia. ( Marriage Act 1961 ) . For coevalss turning up under this Act, their positions on same sex matrimony are influenced to a great extent and the norm is that matrimony is between a adult male and a adult female and homosexual twosomes desiring to acquire married would travel against this thought. But in theory, a seated authorities reacts to the current sociological landscape and proposes measures and statute laws to reflect that. The 1961 Marriage Act was a contemplation of the positions of the authorities and society in 1961 but that does non needfully intend that it is a valid position in 2013. In recent old ages the authorities has reacted to alter in the positions on same sex matrimony and turning credence of homosexualism by implementing a figure of cardinal statute laws to give cardinal human rights to this group. In November 2008 the Australian Parliament passed Torahs that recognised same-sex twosomes in federal jurisprudence, offering them the same rights as single heterosexual twosomes in countries such as revenue enhancement, societal security and wellness, aged attention and employment. The fact that all twosomes now receive mostly equal intervention in Australian jurisprudence has besides shaped the same-sex matrimony argument in this state. Same-sex matrimony is by and large no longer needed as a vehicle for accomplishing equal entitlements and protection before the jurisprudence. Withholding the establishment of matrimony from twosomes of the same gender agencies, nevertheless, that cheery work forces and adult females lack the possibility of giving position to their relationship through an official act observing and corroborating the being of that relationship. Advocates regard same-sex matrimony as an issue of symbolism every bit good as human rights. It is the symbolic nature of matrimony that is being withheld from homophiles and even though they portion the same legal benefits as consecutive people, it holds the position that homophiles are non equal.

An statement against the same sex matrimony argument is that since they are given the same legal benefits as a consecutive twosome, why does same sex matrimony demand to be legalised. Given the recent rise of cohabitation before and in stead of matrimony ( Qu 2008 ) , many argue that matrimony no longer holds the same importance as it one time did so why are homophiles contending hard for something that in kernel is merely a word to depict a twosomes love and committedness. An account is even given the recent rise in cohabitation in stead of matrimony, research workers have concluded that matrimony is typically viewed as a extremely symbolic act for both same-sex and different-sex twosomes ( Gross, 2005 ) By non leting homophiles to get married, it is excepting them from an act that is symbolic of love and committedness.

Another cardinal thing to understand is ; what is the intent of matrimony? Is it about love, committedness, reproduction, civilization? One position is that matrimony is a relationship entered into chiefly for grounds of reproduction. The other, that it is a relationship whose being relies chiefly on two people loving each other. Reproduction and love hence vie for the dominant place in the significance of matrimony. Societies are full of people of all different backgrounds, ages etc. and this causes everyone to hold different positions of the universe. Not everyone believes matrimony is for reproduction, and frailty versa non everyone believes matrimony is for love. It is through admiting that matrimony does intend different things to different people, a seated authorities can measure all sides of the statement on same sex matrimony and non lodge to one side. ‘So long as the province defines, confers, and uses matrimonial position as a vehicle for protecting and back uping associations of confidant health professionals, besides known as households, it must offer the position to same-sex confidant attention giving twosomes ‘ ( Metz, 2010, p. 120 )

Given that Australia has ever been a Christian state the spiritual statement against same sex matrimony does keep some grip. The thought that heterosexual matrimony and household are and should stay the basis of reproduction and the elevation of kids is frequently argued most strongly by strands of Christianity. For illustration, Peter Jensen, has stated that ‘we are better off by and large talking, populating in households founded by a adult male and a adult female… It is this household that provides kids with the experience of the interaction of human masculinity and feminineness. ‘ ( 2008 ) . It is this societal construction of the Church that can act upon non merely rehearsing members but besides all members of the community given the huge influence the Church has had over Australian society for coevalss.

However it is besides of import to observe that one can happen support for the proposition that matrimony is for love within Christian instructions, including Catholicism. Acquinas, for illustration, said that matrimony was an establishment that relies upon ‘societas/amicitia ‘ a sort of friendly relationship and company every bit good as upon reproduction ( Finnis, 1995, pp. 28-29 ) . Erasmus, excessively, saw love as portion of matrimony, and in fact goes farther and defines love as both animal and religious ( Leites, 1983, p. 388 ) . Through this, we can see how it is non the existent Bibles of the Catholic Church but how it is taught and interpreted that affects how it is viewed.

By understanding the history environing the positions on same sex matrimony by all members of Australia, every bit good as turning recent tendencies, the current seated authorities can develop a broader apprehension of the issue and do an informed determination instead than lodge to a traditional position. The societal constructions of gender designation and the influence of the Catholic Church play an built-in function in developing an person and community thought on same sex matrimony and let for changeless re-evaluation on the topic.

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