Social Class

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The weakness of statistical/artefact explanation is that it suggests that social class is more important than ethnicity in explaining inequalities, since the ethnic minority is likely to be poorer. However this has a problem because it tends to collect a number of other variables such as gender; patterns are produced because of the way the researcher gathered the data. In addition, it concentrations on statistics and data that has been gathered and the artefact explanation does not study and examine cases, solutions and results which information given may be biased and not accurate.

The strength of statistical/artefact explanation is able to categorize and find complications of measurement which was used for different systems of social class. The strength of this explanation was that they were able to highlight the significance of reliability which they continue to do and validate more research because evidence investigated could have been false. On the other hand, strength of this explanation was that evidence that was produced can be applied to vast majority of people and was referred to people in general.

The weakness of behaviour/cultural explanation is that the explanation has made a ‘blame culture’ people are the problems for their poor lifestyle choices they make such as drinking heavily, eating unhealthy food, having no exercise and smoking. Also, the explanation focus on the enormous social arrangements that make people’s societal actions which includes young people performing anti-social behaviour binge drinking, been out of school, currently unemployed with no money and committing a crimes such stealing.

The strength of behaviour/cultural explanations is that if people from specific different culture and ethical background struggle to access healthcare services then policies and plans that can be implemented such as the service can have language systems which includes having interprets and allowing them to choice of preferred method of communication.

Also, the strength of this explanation is good healthcare results are accessible for people who smoke and drink alcohol regularly. The weaknesses of material/structural explanations is that the solution to stop poverty from occurring in community, living in better and clean housing will involves overpriced investigation and government solution on social and health factors. Producing plans and development may take a long period of time to apply and adding a new law.

The strength of material/structural explanations is that the structural answers include vast number of people, which they also prevent solutions, amendment to health ailments that is the cause of illnesses and their objective is to eliminate circumstances such as deprived environments, poverty, and poor health by developing better lifestyle and increasing life expectancy for people. The strength of material/structural explanations is that they do not blame the person for their illnesses but they study the methods of the layout of society.

The weakness of natural/social selection explanation is that they believe that the reverse is accurate which social conditions and shortage of opportunities can reflect on having lack of determination. In contrast, a weakness of natural explanation is that the explanation is excessively deterministic and not random, certain theorist will be crucial of the concept that they constantly be people that will be sick than other people because it’s inevitable and they disagree that this natural and to be predictable.

The strength of natural/social selection explanation recognize natural casual issues for example, lack of encouragement which leads people not doing or attending work and be categorize in the lower social class and being affected with poor diet and nutrition and the answer is about altering the people’s lifestyle by getting them involve in sports activities, advertising healthy food, reduce process for healthy food.

Overall, the explanation I believe that is most useful is materialist/ structuralist explanation as it concentrates on altering the ways and layout of society by accomplishing fairness and equality in health by creating accessible education for people with different levels in education. This explanation is useful for helping people to live a better and healthy lifestyle, useful for accessing services and receive equal rights in health.

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