Soccer Study Guide for P.E. test

a series of short taps on the soccer ball, used to advance tha ball from one point to another

a kick (or heading) used to get the soccer ball to an open teammate

used to stop and/or control the ball using your feet

kicking or heading the ball toward the goal for a score

a method of restarting a play after the ball has traveled outside the touchlines

when using your forehead to pass, score, or bring the ball to ground level

used to get the ball from an opponent, to steal the ball

used to keep control by evading an opponent

a side line or boundary line

called when a player runs into, charges, pushes, kicks, trips, or holds a player from the other team

goalie (goalkeeper)
they protect the goal and prevent the opponents from scoring, is the only playerwho may use hands

also called strikers, these players are primary attackers on offense, who try to score

also called halfbacks, are players that play both offense and defense, but usually play in the midfield area on both sides of the center line

also known as fullbacks, are players that help guard the goal area

used to start the game and restart after a goal has been scored at the midfield line

direct free kick
taken from the point of infraction unless in penalty area

indirect free kick
awarded to the other team as a result of a minor foul, kick from which a goal cannot be scored unless played or touched by another player

penalty kick
a direct free kick awarded to the attacking team when the defensive team commits a foul in the penalty area

an infraction called when an attacking player is in the opponent’s half of the field and is nearer to the goal line than the ball

taken by an opponent of the team that caused the ball to go over the sideline

corner kick
awarded to the attacking team if the ball crossed the goal line having been last played by a member of the defending team

goal kick
place kick taken from the ground, awarded to the defending team when the ball crossed their goal line

goalie ball
when the goalie stops and gathers the ball before it goes over the goal line, the goalie may drop kick or throw the ball back into play

drop ball
a ball the referee drops between two players, one from each team, to restart a play

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