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As we have heard in Alias’s speech, smoking is bad for the smoking individual. 1 . Active cigarette smoking is the major cause of lung cancer and an important established cause of cardiovascular disease. B. According to U. S. National Library of Medicine, smoking is bad for the people nearby the smoker due to second hand smoke. 1 . Exposure to second hand smoke has been associated with numerous negative health outcomes. It is sufficient to Induce pulmonary Inflammation, decrease Eng elastic and cause mental health problems.

C. In Addition, Environmental Health Perspectives says that smoking Is bad for the environment. 1. Ambient alarm pollution due to smoking leads to Increase risk of cardiovascular mortality. Mall Point 2: One of the current efforts to solve this problem the Smoke Free Campus Act. A. This act prohibits college students from smoking In campus. This will allow the Individual to live a healthier life, eliminate the effects of second hand smoke and pollution problems. B. The problem with this solution is that people still smoke. . People still smoke so the effects of second hand smoke are still in effect. 2. Individuals are now in a rush to smoke since they are not allowed to get caught. This causes more individual damage because more nicotine and smoke are inhaled into the Individual at once causing more throat and lung damage. 3. Since people still smoke, pollution damage is still in effect. However, since cigarette dispensers are now gone, people liter cigarette buds causing more environmental damage.

Lee, Earner, and Goldstein published an article on how the amount of cigarette butts have increased after the smoke free act became into act. 4. A possible problem that could lead from the Smoke Free Campus Act is segregation within college dorms. Smokers will register for private dorms. This may lead to non-smokers being forced to live in public dorms in order to avoid a smoking roommate. This may also lead to racial segregation within college dorms because some race or ethnicities may smoke more than others. C.

Smoking should be an individual choice. People should not be forced to quit something they don’t want to. This is unethical. Main Point 3: Issue a smoking license. A. In order to smoke within a college campus, individuals must possess a smoking license. 1. This smoking license can be obtained If Individuals go to weekly/monthly smoking educational programs where they will be educated on the effects of smoking. 2. Through this educational program, smokers will be urged to quit smoking and will be guided through the process. 3.

Cigarette dispensers will be placed back so cigarette buds will no longer be littered. 4. Smoking Is a personal choice, the program will not force Individuals to quit If they do not want to. Final Thought: When we face problems In our lives, It Is Important to stand up and face them. However, we must be smart when we face these problems. Getting rid of the problem itself will probably lead to creating new problems just like how it did with the Smoke Free Campus Act. Without my solution, college campuses will not be able to get any healthier.

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