Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Although smoking has been labeled a” bad habit”, technology has introduced a healthy electronic alternative that smokers should consider. This alternative comes In the form of an electronic cigarette, or “e-” for short. Instead of burning tobacco and thousands of chemicals wrapped inside a paper and producing actual smoke, smokers can now achieve the axe effect with battery powered cartridges and odorless vapor.

The introduction of” e-” has been met with skepticism from critics, similar to most new technological advances. Many believe that a battery operated electronic device that produces vapor could not possibly be safe to inhale. On the contrary however, there are no electronic charges strong enough to harm humans; the only real chemical being released when inhaled is nicotine in vaporized form. People may also speculate that this is another scheme from big tobacco corporations to get the public to spend more money to make them richer. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

There is no tobacco utilized in “e-CICS”, and tobacco company’s actually detest these devices. Another misunderstanding is that “e-pigs” are Just too expensive of an alternative to regular cigarettes. In actuality, non rechargeable units are going for roughly $8. The product claims to last the same amount as 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. With the price of traditional cigarettes increasing everyday as upwards of $10 a pack, 1 non rechargeable “e-” is roughly half the cost of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, and it’s healthier!

Speaking about health benefits, there are many reasons smokers should convert to electronic vapor methods. Unlike traditional cigarettes that leave a powerful stench on pretty much everything and anything around them, vapors from “e-class” are totally odorless. This will keep users breath, clothes, car, and children smelling good. Teeth can also benefit from this, as nicotine vapors do not leave teeth yellowed after usage. Apart from cosmetic benefits, lie more advantageous health benefits such as the elimination of cancer and diseases.

With the cutting out of tobacco and thousands of chemicals, due to vapor , many lives can be saved from diagnoses such as lung and throat cancer. Not only does that apply to the user of “e-“, but their family will not be effected either, as vapor leaves no second hand effect such as traditional type cigarettes. The health benefits don’t stop with just us humans, no, the earth can benefit from “e-” as well for a couple of reasons. One reason would be the elimination of tobacco smoke and thousands among thousands of poisonous and dangerous chemicals being released into the air.

This will decrease pollution substantially. A common problem all around the world is the littering of cigarette butts that are non biodegradable, This leaves the world soiled with non come. With the use of “e “, there will be significantly less littering of cigarette butts. Just imagine; healthier smokers and a healthier world. Another reason smoker should consider switching to “e-CICS”, is simply the convenience it could bring to smokers alike. One of the conveniences of ditching the old way of getting a nicotine fix is valuable pocket space!

No longer would smokers Aviva to lug around a big 01′ carton box of CICS, they could simply carry around an” e- ” the size of a small pen. The “e-” also eliminates the need to carry around or desperately look around for a lighter when out of fluid. Elimination of a lighter adds up even more space in pockets and relieves the stress of always having to have one on person. Speaking about stress, users of “e-” no longer have to anticipate a smoke break, as these devices are smokeless and odorless, quick and easy. Users can vaporize anywhere, anytime, without having to leave the room and go outside.

It sure beats having to look for an ashtray as well, as there is no ash involved for a no mess environment. These simple conveniences alone should be enough to convince traditional smokers to convert to electronic cigarettes. By appealing to smokers who crave that nicotine fix, “e-” give a healthier, environmentally kinder, cleaner alternative that deserves a try from long time and new smokers alike. With many positive benefits from these devices, we can only hope that these smokers choose the clearly better alternative.

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