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Nicotine, the most widely used addicting drug. Tobacco affects the chemistry of the brain. Smoking refers to the practice of inhaling smoke from the burning tobacco pipe, cigar, or most commonly a cigarette. The relaxation smokers feel is because the tobacco contains nicotine an addictive alkaloid. However, a number of diseases have been directly linked to smoking, and in the U.S.A alone tobacco use kills about 420,000 smokers each year. The passive inhalation of secondhand smoke causes 3,000 lung cancer deaths a year; estimates for deaths from all disease related to secondhand smoke are around 53,000. HEALTH AFFECTS Besides nicotine, cigarette smoke consist of more than 4,700 chemical compounds, including cardiac poisons, cancer-causing agents, and industrial solvents, which can cause heart disease, strokes, lung diseases, cancer, and birth defects. Lung cancer and heart disease, once considered primarily men’s diseases, increased sharply in women as more began smoking. Inhaling the toxic fumes from the burning tobacco burns the linings of the air passages and reduces the smoker’s ability to fight off the disease. The large particles in smoke form a corrosive tar containing many poisonous chemicals.

This tar collects in the smoker’s lungs, exposing the smoker to these dangerous

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chemicals. A pregnant women who smokes passes the toxic chemicals she in to the developing fetus, where the chemicals can cause a spontaneous abortion or can cause the baby to have lower birth weight or birth defects. Smoking cause so many diseases, some of these diseases are cervical cancer, brain tumors, birth defects, and sudden infant death syndrom. The growing evidence that smoking is unhealthy for both smokers and nonsmokers has led to in creasing restrictions on smoking. Health warnings have been mandated on tobacco advertising, and such advertising has been restricted.

In recent years there has been a change in public acceptance of smoking. Some states and hundreds of communities have passed laws to restrict smoking in public places such as restaurants and workplaces. In places without these laws there is a trend for business voluntarily to become smoke-free workplaces. Everyday about 3,500 Americans successfully quit smoking; many more continue to try. Many programs and approaches to help people quit have been developed, Including support groups, behavior and modification, acupunture, and hypnotherapy. A nicotine patch has been developed to help smokers break the habit while easing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. By reading this report over it made me think twice about inhaling cigarette smoke. It has given me a clear description of what smoking does to you, and all the diseases it causes. I think it is better to quit now while I have the chance to than when I’m older.

I figure the average person smokes about a pack every three days about that anyway and so if you divide 365 by 3 that would equal to 122 packs or more a year. Now if you take 122 packs and multiply it by the cost of the pack which is about $4.00. That would come out to $488.00 or more for packs of cigarettes per year. That is a lot of money put to waste. We could spend our money on more important things than that junk. Think of what you get out it, lung cancer, brain tumors which can lead to death. There’s no point to it. I am very glad you made me write this essay it made me think a lot about smoking. It sure did convince me to not inhale cigarette smoke. I hope this essay has convinced you as it did to me.

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